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God's Simple Plan of Salvation
It concerns the most important decision
you will ever make in your life!
Don't let this opportunity to be saved pass you by.

The poems that are listed in a larger font and with white text are personal favourites of mine, and are ones that have been tremendous blessings to others. If any of the poems and pages on this site have touched your heart, strengthened your spirit, and drawn you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, I'd love to hear about it. Please feel free to email me with your comments or prayer requests.

Welcome to my Ark, my refuge from the Storms of Life. I am continually adding new rooms and renovating the older ones. To make it more convenient for you, all the poems on this site will be listed on a separate page in alphabetical order (with hyperlinks), so you can easily find a specific page if you know the title of it.

While you are finding your way among the various pages under construction, maybe you can meditate on a poem that is very appropriate: Click on the Under Construction sign below... I think this poem will definitely build you up!

Poems in Alphabetical Order

I have put two poetry books together. Most of the poems are already on Home Of The Real McCoy or on Trenholms Of Kelowna. You can read the Forewards and view the contents from the links below:

Refuge In The Storms Of Life

The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage

So Amazed By Grace
(An upcoming project)

My heart is inditing a good matter:
I speak of the things which I have made touching the King:
my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

Psalm 45:1

My Bible Study/Devotional Blog:
Buy The Truth

My Poetry Blog:
Songs In The Night

Jerry's Testimonies:

My Personal Testimony
My Victory Over Depression
Provoke Not Your Children
Our Mom's Victory Through Faith (Eulogy)
God's Grace In Our Trials (Dealing with the loss of my Mom)

Poems about God's Word:

*Show Me Christ* Footsteps Of Faith From Genesis To Revelation
God's Precious Promises Life's Instruction Manual Only God Knows

Poems reflecting
My Search and Jesus Finding Me:

*Always* *Lord* *First Steps*
*A Brand New Start* Portraits Of Two Lives  

Poems about Friendships:

A Friend Loveth At All Times A Friend When You Need One Friends Forever
Is Love Stranger Than Fiction? My Elijah Friends Prayer For My Friends
True Christian Friends Were You An Angel? Will You Be A Jonathan?

Poems for Exhortation,
Service, and Faithfulness:

A Faithful Man Blessed Is That Man *Called*
Contend For The Faith Day by Day *Following*
Full Assurance How Do I Remain Faithful? How's Your View?
It's A Sad Thing To Be An Infidel My Son, Give Me Thine Heart Stand Fast
Still The Alabaster Box The End Of The Fight
There's A Blessing When I Stop Praying  *Which Is Better?*

Poems for Comfort and Encouragement:

*Abide In Me* And They Shall Run A Silent Prayer
A Song In The Night Confining Christianity? Count It All Joy
*Dream Or Reality?* Faith To Face God Is So Good
*Handle With Prayer* He's Still Got The Whole World In His Hands His Voice Cries Out
I Shall Come Forth As Gold In His Time It's Only After
My Faltering Heart My Hiding Place One Heartbeat From Heaven
Only God Can Prayer For Perfect Peace Take A Second Look At Calvary
The Answers Why The Door Of Hope The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage
The Shadows Flee Away The Shepherd Beckons The Tempest of the Lord (Psalm 107:23-32)
*True Love* The Valley Of Faith (Psalm 23) The Valleys Of Life
*Under Construction* When I'm Lonely  Why Wait Until Tomorrow?

Poems for those Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death by Themselves or with Loved Ones:

Esther's Prayer For A Season Going Through The Door
He Gathers His Lilies In Your Grief I've Gone Home
Lent By The Lord Prayer For Faith -
A Cancer Victim
Rising In The Arms Of Love
The Sparrow Has Flown Home Through This Valley  


Poems and Songs for Children's Ministries:

Just A Little Sparrow

Poems about and for use in Witnessing:

Be Thou Clean Compel Them To Come In Freely Forgiven
Have Compassion, Making A Difference It's Jesus *Jacob's Well
(John 4)*
Just Three Sharp Nails *Listen To My Voice* Meaningless?
*My Heart's Desire* *My Servant, Israel (Isaiah 43)* O Taste And See
Reach Out For The Saviour Running To Jesus
(Mark 10:17-22)
Set Me Free (redone)
Tell The World About Jesus The Altar Is Empty The Day My Saviour Died
The Father's Heart The Good News The Prodigal Has Come Home (Luke 15)
The Rich Man
(Luke 16)
Torn Between Two Desires Two Roads Or Three?

Poems about Worship:

Awestruck and Relief Forgiveness Inexpressible
In Jesus' Name In The Presence Of The Lord Northern Lights
*On My Knees* So Amazed Take My Life
The Place Where Jesus Lives *Wings*  

Holidays and Special Occasions:


  Birthday Poem for a Christian  

Christmas Poems

Born To Die *Christmas Once Again* Christmas Without Christ
God's Gift O Save Us Now  
  *Two Lives United*  

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Mother's Day In Heaven Slow Down, Daddy!  

Poems And Hymns Written By Others


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All of the poems on this site were written by Jerry (Gerald) Bouey. They may be printed up and freely distributed, provided that they are printed up as is, ie. with the date they were written and with my name (Jerry Bouey) on them. None of my poems are copyrighted, which is why I insist that these identification marks remain on them - so no one else can claim my work as their own.

Any verses or comments that are also on the page may be removed at your discretion. They were simply put there by me to share some of the Bible promises referred to in the poems (or ones I want people to meditate on as they read them) or to clarify certain things (so false impressions or misinterpretations of what my poems are saying may be avoided). The dedications may also be removed, as they were put there to honour and encourage specific friends going through trials. None of the poems on this site may be published in any type of magazine or book without express written or e-mailed consent from me.

If you are a Christian of like faith and practice, you are welcome to use any of my poems that you would like to use in your mailing lists or on your personal websites, but please send me the links to your site and the specific page that you have placed the poem on. There are many people/websites that have made pages for some of my poems that I do not necessarily endorse.

If you are not a Christian of like faith and practice (ie. King James Only, Independent, Fundamental Baptist), you are still welcome to use my poems - providing you follow the guidelines above, but please also indicate that I do not necessarily endorse your website and/or doctrines. As much as I love sharing my poetry with others, I do not want others to think I endorse websites or doctrines contrary to what is stated in our Doctrinal Statement. (Please review this page if you are unsure of where this website stands doctrinally.)

The poems marked with asterisks beside them were ones that I had printed up in a booklet entitled "Faith - Forever Abiding In This Hope" in December, 1996. NOTE: Some of my poems have been slightly changed from the wording I originally had in my booklet, and in my own writings. All changes were made by me, and reflect my desire to be clearer in the message I share about Jesus Christ; some changes had to be made to be more accurate Biblically.

All Scripture quotations on this site are taken from the King James Bible. Used by permission of the Author. :)

If there are any broken links, please e-mail me and let me know, and I will fix them at the first opportunity.

In Jesus' precious name and for His glory,
Jerry Bouey.


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