Refuge In The Storms Of Life

This poetry book contains 37 poems about going through trials,
and the refuge found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
There are five sections and a Bible study called:

Leaning On The Lord

The poetry books will be available to visitors of this website for cost, which is $6.
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The sections (and the poems contained in each) are as follows:

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Weathering The Storms
Poems on Going Through Trials

For A Season

His Voice Cries Out

Handle With Prayer

Itís Only After

Our Little One - by Angela Trenholm


Take A Second Look At Calvary

The Tempest Of The Lord

Under Construction

Calm Seas
Poems On Prayer and Dependence Upon The Lord

A Silent Prayer

Day By Day

Dream Or Reality?

Prayer For Faith - A Cancer Victim

Estherís Prayer

Prayer For Perfect Peace


An Anchor For The Soul
Poems On Friendships and Close Fellowship With The Lord

Friends Forever

True Christian Friends

The Valley Of Faith

True Love

When Iím Lonely

Will You Be A Jonathan?

Peaceful Skies Ahead
Poems on New Beginnings

A Brand New Start

Be Thou Clean


First Steps



Iíve Gone Home

God Is So Good

Why Wait Until Tomorrow?

The Master Of The Wind
Poems on The Preeminence Of Christ

In The Presence Of The Lord


My Faltering Heart

Which Is Better?

Northern Lights

On My Knees


The eternal God is thy refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms...
Deuteronomy 33:27

Webster's 1828 Dictionary defines Refuge as: Shelter or protection from danger or distress. That which shelters or protects from danger, distress or calamity; a strong hold which protects by its strength, or a sanctuary which secures by its sacredness; any place inaccessible to an enemy.

I want this book to be a comfort to all who read its contents; a source of refuge to those going through the storms of life. As my Pastor always says, "You are either going through trials, coming out of them, or preparing to go into them."

The Scriptures and poems herein have one goal, to point to:

The Lord Jesus Christ.

The refuge He provides is found in the perfect salvation He offers by His death, burial and resurrection; complete pardon from sin and an eternal home in Heaven with our Lord.

Another definition Webster's gives for Refuge is to flee.

Jesus is our refuge to flee to in seasons of dangers, distress, and calamity in our lives. He is our stronghold, our sanctuary, and our strong tower to flee to from our enemies.

May all who read this book be encouraged to flee to Jesus Christ, first for salvation, and then for refuge in the storms of life.

Jerry (Gerald) Bouey

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