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Poetry – Pull Up A Chair










I let a stranger in my life
He filled my every need
He didn’t ask much of my time
So easy was He to please

He simply said His load was light
How true that was to be
I grew to love Him more each day
And now I am set free

I can’t explain the way I feel
This happiness inside
I want to share it with all I know
A love I just can’t hide

Why does He make me feel this way
I can’t begin to know
He says to put my trust in Him
And inside me His Spirit grows

He’ll show me what there is to life
If I just keep His Word
He’ll help me through the grief and strife
If I will make Him Lord

It’s not easy to give in to Him
To change my wicked ways
He knows this and with outstretched hands
He helps me not to stray

He asks so little in return
For all these needs I ask
Only to love and praise His Name
That’s such an easy task

Oh how happy I am I let Him in
That stranger in my life
No more darkness will I see
Just His sweet and glorious Light.

Kate Plourde

March 1981

Oh how my soul longs to be with Him
Exhausted from the trials of the day
I look forward to sitting close by Him
And wait anxiously to what He will say

He watches, He beckons, Come join Me
I will quench your thirst and make you whole
Sweet solace I’ll give beyond measure
At this peaceful haven for your soul

This sanctuary I’ve made for you
To shelter you during times of storm
And prepare you for trials up ahead
While a work in you heart I perform

I go to my haven each morning
All my cares at His feet I do lay
I leave them with Him for He loves me
As I travel on life’s narrow way.

© Kate Plourde

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This is a beautiful poem written by a good friend! What a blessing!!!

The Father Of The Fatherless

In the Bible, God’s many names are there to be found:
He’s the God of all grace, and His grace abounds;
He’s the Father of mercies – I found mercy there;
He’s the Father of spirits – I rest in His care.

My Father is with me; He will never depart.
His names offer comfort – they reveal His heart.
One name can give me hope in my loneliness:
My Father is “the Father of the fatherless.”

Every good and perfect gift comes down from above;
In my grief and sorrow, I’m surrounded by Your love.
I know I’m not an orphan – I’m precious in Your sight,
Held securely in Your tender arms, Father of lights.

From everlasting to everlasting,
My Heavenly Father’s love stays the same
Comforting me within His very presence,
Abba Father – Daddy – is more than a name.

You bind up my wounds and bring healing when the tears start.
You give me peace within that restores my broken heart.
You’re the soothing comfort I need in my distress;
My Father, “the Father of the fatherless.”

June 8th/08
Jerry Bouey

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My Shepherd cares for my every need
In my life and along the way
He gives me peace with every trial
Reviving my heart each day

His dear rod and staff are a comfort
As I struggle through that dark vale
They guide me to that River of Life
Refreshing my soul as I sail

He guards my path from the enemy
Each moment, each heartbeat, each breath
His love for me has no boundaries
Far reaching from the cross, to His death

Watcher of my soul You are my King
Diligent, not sleeping, and so kind
I will glorify Your name dear Lord
As I await Your Kingdom divine

Kate Plourde
August 16, 2006

Lord, You’ve been so faithful in
those times I’ve cried to You.
You’ve answered so many prayers,
and made wondrous dreams come true!

You’ve always been there to guide me
when I wasn’t sure what to do.
You gave me strength when I was weak,
and Your light came shining through.

I thank and praise You for Your gentle touch,
of reproof when I’ve gone astray.
You promised You’d never leave my side,
and You’d walk with me every day!

Kate Plourde


So lost in an untamed sea of misery and despair
With foaming waves of despondency and anguish
Searching for answers to questions never shared
Nor spoken aloud for fear of utter rejection

Until a glimmer of light pierced the darkest clouds
Breaking through the wretchedness of my wicked heart
Revealing the need to be freed from this sinful shroud
Which covered me completely and blinded my soul

This glorious light penetrated through my blindness
And revealed the beauty and wonder of the Master
Jesus who created me, fashioned into His likeness
To be a reflection of Him when His task is completed

I am astounded that Christ would spare even but a minute
To teach and guide a spiritually lacking one such as I
But as the Potter guides and shapes the clay to mold it
He will adorn this child with His beauty and His Spirit.

How glorious it is to dwell on the thought of His appearing
To visualize in my mind’s eye how we will see His face
I shudder to think of those left behind and what they’ll be missing
As we celebrate a reunion that has truly been long in coming.

Kate Plourde
June 2004

A state of confusion is what I was in
I walked in the darkness along with my sin
I knew something was wrong in this life of mine
But just what was missing I could not define

I went a long way, I was rambling along
Not putting my finger on just what was wrong
Until that day came when my rambling was done
I found my confusion was finally gone

Confusion was replaced with beautiful peace
A promise given that my dark days would cease
New life has been given to me by His Hand
My sin debt’s been paid by the blood of the Lamb

Wonders and promises are given to me
By my side He’s promised He always would be
He will be right there whenever I call
And pick me right up if I ever should fall

He’s blessed me endlessly I have to admit
And taught me to look up and never to quit
So much I have learned that my mind’s in a whirl
But all this He’s promised to His precious world

Make Jesus our Lord that’s all we need do
All of His promises will truly come true
It’s not all that hard as we think it will be
And joy we will have for an eternity!

Kate Plourde, 1981

Just thinking about that day to come
When we all will be set free
Makes me simply want to burst with joy
And get on bended knee

How thankful we should be for this
That Jesus had to die
So we could sing and praise His Name
On that blessed day in the sky

Yes, that day is foremost in our minds
We Christians, one and all
It’s our payment for our work for Him
No more will we ever fall

Thank you dear Father for this great gift
The price Christ had to pay
We all look forward to our meeting
On that Great Reunion Day!

Kate Plourde, February 1981

Alpha and Omega: Keeping in Touch – The Flame

Thou art my Advocate, interceding for me.
My Bridegroom I will one day face-to-face see.
A Cornerstone to my Christian foundation.
Deliverer from trials as well as temptation.

Everlasting Father has a Hand of mercy
A Fountain, My thirst removest far from me
Thou art my Guide, without Thee I do wander
My High Priest, for my salvation Thou didst suffer

Immanuel, God with us, alone I won’t be
Oh holy Judge, Thou wilt judge me righteously
O King, how I long to witness Thy reign
You became a Lamb, for my salvation to gain

My Mediator, to the Father proclaimest
Thy Name above all Names, Thou art the Greatest
The Only Begotten, The First and the Last
The Passover Lamb, buried my sins in the past

Quicken my heart Lord, Thy Spirit I desire
Redeemer of my sins and from hell’s fire
O Shepherd of my soul, Thou carest for me
Thou art the True Vine, I do perish without Thee

United with the Father, Thy voice do I hear
Victorious o’er death no more shall I fear
Word of Life Thou hast truly opened mine eyes
To witness Thy EXample of love from on high

Thou art Yahweh, Creator and the Most High One
Thy Zeal for redemption, my soul Thou hast won!

Kate Plourde
June 17, 2002

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There’s Someone who wants to be closer to you
A Friend who can fill every void
He’s never too busy to listen or care
Neither will you make Him annoyed!

Call on Him, no time is He ever asleep
You can be sure He’s always there
He’ll not ignore you or reject what you say
His love is unique and so rare.

A Saviour you say, but just Who could this be?
Our God, sent to earth as a man
Jesus stepped down from His Glorious Place
To be offered, a Passover Lamb

Our sins He has taken upon His own Self
So we can gain entrance to Heav’n
To repent and believe is all we need do
For Christ made the payment for sin!

Why would He do this you must ask to yourself?
Why would He give His life for me?
The Creator unselfishly gave Himself
Receive Him so we may be free!

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be changed
New life bringing glory to Him
Give Him praises and thanks for all He has done
He freed us from all of our sin!

A new life with a sweet aroma of works
We’re a light which never should dim
Be faithful and pure in your actions and deeds
So that souls may be won just Him!

Kate Plourde
Summer 1981

As the grass doth wither and the flowers fade away
Thy Word shall stand forever as a light upon my way
Quicken thou me this day, O Lord, according to Thy Word
So I may share Thy glorious hope to a dying world.

Thy Word is hidden in my heart to shelter me from sin
Each word is breathed upon my soul and rooted deep within
Springing forth in times of need to freshen day by day
This manna doth feed me and molds this lump of clay

©Kate Plourde
September 8, 2010

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Did I meet the Master at the break of day?
Did I stop to listen, as I took the time to pray?
Did I glean a single word, from His Blessed Word?
Did I walk away as if nothing had occurred?

Yes, I met the Master at the break of day!
I listened as He spoke to me, when I knelt to pray.
His words like morning dew, refreshed my very soul.
I walked away uplifted from my morning stroll!

© Kate Plourde
September 6, 2010


Help me to place in Thy hands today
The thing that my heart most fears—
Tomorrow’s anguish and bitter pain,
Tomorrow’s sorrows and tears;

The long, long years, and the loneliness,
The silence, the vacant chair . . .
The grief of today is enough, dear Lord,
But tomorrow’s I cannot bear!

Ease Thou my burden and lighten my load
Till only today is left.
Soft comes His voice in the hush of my soul,
“O broken heart, and bereft,

“My grace is sufficient for thee today,
Pillow upon My breast
Thy weary head, in My circling arms
Today thou shalt find rest.

“Today I can meet thine every need,
Today My love can fill
The echoing chambers of thine heart.
Then rest thee, and be still.”

Be still and trust . . . tomorrow’s tears
May all be wiped away
By God Himself . . . O grieving heart,
Thy Lord may come today!

Lord open up my eyes
To behold Your wondrous skies
Keep my thoughts fixed on You
That I may walk in ways of truth


You are my hiding place
In Your Word I seek your face
I hide it in my heart
And from it I’ll not depart

Teach me to turn away
From those paths that lead astray
Resting in Your shelter
And there I find peacefulness


You are my hiding place
In Your Word I seek your face
I hide it in my heart
And from it I’ll not depart

From my porch the tears flow as the rain
I wonder when they will end
Forlorn, deserted, forsaken
When will my groanings be silenced

So I continue to cry out
Believing that You will hear
As I beg for reprieve from this testing
A glimmer, a trace of expectation

Alas, hope springs from despair
Creeping in like a flickering candle
Bringing in light through the darkness
And flooding my heart with Son shine

My path becomes clearer with each step
As I walk to my harbor of rest
And meet with the Healer of my soul
At that Rock that is higher than I

~Psalm 61:2 From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed:
lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

My heart needs encouragement,
Sunk in the depths of despair…
Overwhelmed by life’s turmoils!
When will my prayers be answered?

I cry, my tears hot and never ending.
How can this be oh God, my strength?
I am alone in all areas of my life…
No human contact – no tender touch

I walk in the Psalmist’s shoes,
My heart being torn apart!
I cry out my thoughts and pain,
You hear me and dawn comes once again!

There is a lesson here, I know…
Growing closer to my Strength…
Learning that He is my Provider in all,
And in the end, receiving His peace!

~Psalm 30:5b … weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Kate Plourde
February 2010

The mountains shout out your majesty
The oceans roar of your might
The birds sing your glorious wonders
The night skies glitter your light

Lord God, oh King and Creator of all
Your people shout and cry
You fill our lives with your wondrous works
We praise your name on high!

The country side reveals your beauty
Each flower and tree your grace
The valleys are filled with your presence
Creation sings their praises!

Lord God, oh King and Creator of all
Your people shout and cry
You fill our lives with your wondrous works
We praise your name on high!

Kate Plourde – February 2010

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My eyes look up as they search for help
Toward the hills where the promise lies
The Creator’s not far, He works His way
Toward me from the other side

He guides my walk and protects my feet
From stumbling on the rocky steep
Great comfort lies within my heart
Knowing that He shall never sleep

Christ is my shelter, He provides me shade
During the fiery trials of life
Under the shadow of His Blessed wings
Peace and comfort throughout the night

This Keeper of my soul ever vigilant
Protecting me through life’s storms
And watches over me with such care
Not just today but ever more!

Kate Plourde
August 11, 2006

Father, let me dedicate, all this year to Thee,
In whatever worldly state Thou wilt have me be:
Not from sorrow, pain or care, freedom dare I claim;
This alone shall be my prayer, to glorify Thy Name.

Can a child presume to choose where or how to live?
Can a Father’s love refuse all the best to give?
More Thou givest every day than the best can claim
Nor withholdest aught that may glorify Thy Name.

If in mercy Thou wilt spare joys that yet are mine;
If on life, serene and fair, brighter rays may shine;
Let my glad heart, while it sings, Thee in all proclaim,
And, whate’er the future brings, glorify Thy Name.

If Thou callest to the cross, and its shadow come,
Turning all my gain to loss, shrouding heart and home;
Let me think how Thy dear Son to His glory came,
And in deepest woe pray on, “Glorify Thy Name.”

Lawrence Tuttiett 1825-1897

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A day is as a thousand years
In God’s space and realm of time
Our journey here is measured
Like a mountain that we climb

Will Jesus find us watching friend?
Will He find us fast asleep?
Let’s treat each hour like the last
While we’re rescuing His sheep

Please help us to remember Lord
Just how frail each moment is
So we may utilize each day
The same way that Jesus did

Will Jesus find us watching friend?
Will He find us fast asleep?
Let’s treat each hour like the last
While we’re rescuing His sheep

Will you be busy with life’s walk?
Bearing burdens, in despair?
What will Jesus find you doing?
When He calls you in the air?

Will Jesus find us watching friend?
Will He find us fast asleep?
Let’s treat each hour like the last
While we’re rescuing His sheep

Kate Plourde
December 30, 2008

© Kate Plourde 2009