~Galatians 6:9-10 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

In one of my Bible studies, we were challenged to live out the meaning of these verses, starting at home! As we practice doing good and esteeming those in our home more than ourselves, joy enters our hearts and helps us to take our eyes off the discouraging circumstances around us.

This is wonderful therapy for the dear Christian who is weary. I speak for myself, and surely I cannot be the only one, when I say that the longer my eyes and thoughts are focused on the hardships of my life, the less they are focused on Christ and His ministry of love and reconciliation. Why would an unbeliever want Christ if he observes me in my discouraged state? Why would an unbeliever want my Jesus if he observes me being grumpy to my own family? An unbeliever would want my Jesus if I were displaying the Lord’s qualities.

Yes, it is work to become selfless. It’s not easy esteeming another better than myself! But the word of God tells us to. (Philippians 2:3) My natural man within me wants everything to be about me! But it’s not all about me! It’s ALL about Jesus Christ! If we are Christians, we should have this same selfless heart every day. And, as Paul points out, we should have this generous heart especially toward other believers!

May I challenge you today to stop focusing on your day-to-day circumstances and start focusing on Christ’s purpose for us? Find someone in need and take action, Christian! Those in need are all around us. Every day I hear of someone committing suicide, or their house has burned down – such devastating circumstances! Let’s have an impact by starting in our own family. Then reach out – stretch your arms as Christ would have you to do and touch a heart in need today!

Do one thing every single day that will impact someone’s life – even if it is simply a phone call or card – there is a heart in need of encouraging somewhere!!!

The door in today’s picture reminds me of the house in which I grew up. Anyone who did not know our family would have to imagine that the contents of the inside of the house and those who lived there would be similar to the outside’s appearance! But that was furthest from the truth. In fact, the inside was immaculately clean and well kept despite the age of the house. Having grown up dirt poor, I know the feeling of being judged by others because we lacked material things. Children were especially cruel in school. Where do they learn this? Granted, our sinful nature causes us to do many cruel and sinful things. However, children mimic what they see and hear!

It’s so important to teach our children not to think themselves better than others. They need to learn that those who are least liked by the majority are the ones whose friendship may end up being priceless! It’s “natural” for us to be selective in our choices but it’s not God’s way. The Father loves us all equal and is no respecter of person. (Acts 10:34) He does, however, respect those who humble themselves. This is one of life’s lessons that gets easier to understand as we get older.

~Psalm 138:6 Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off.

There are people in this world waiting to hear a kind word. A kind word is an indirect gentle touch that we can give and it doesn’t cost a penny. This is what needs to be developed in our children. What is in the heart will come out of their mouths. (Luke 6:45) Because we are all born with sin nature, the “natural” thing for a child to do is to be cruel. Toddlers grab toys out of another child’s hands and say, “mine”! They pull hair and fight because that is what comes naturally when they don’t get their way. Mom needs to teach sharing and kindness or these sinful traits escalate quickly!  In fact, I believe kindness and humility are two of the most beautiful qualities in a person. 🙂 Hand in hand, they love others without passing judgment on what is seen on the outside. Rather, they get to know the individual because what they “see” is not always what it “seems.” I grew up in an alcoholic family and we had little because of it. My father finally sobered up and spent years trying to repair the damage he had done. He repaired the house and the outside was finally beautiful 🙂 Those school mates who made fun of me didn’t know the circumstances at home. But had they been taught compassion, love and kindness, their thoughtless and cruel comments would not have been made.

There was a song not too long ago called, “People Need The Lord.” What a true statement that is. Each individual that we come into contact with has a story to tell. They won’t tell that story to a complete stranger, however. We need to be ready to be used of God to meet the needs of others. Our children must see this in action. We cannot meet the needs of others without kindness and compassion. Sadly, today there are so many who are self centered and have no interest in what’s needed. It’s important we teach this early on in our children so they can be meeting the needs of those in their future. (Proverbs 22:6) Teaching them love, compassion, and kindness set the ground work for loving the unlovely and sharing the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ with them!


Rom 12:10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

Gal 6:2 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Eph 4:32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

How do we encourage a friend in need? How do we encourage a perfect stranger? The Apostles John, Paul and Peter penned the phrase “love one another” twelve times in the New Testament! I found this interesting, actually.

We should not have a judgmental attitude toward anyone for who are we to know that God has not placed this individual in our path just for the purpose of encouraging that dear soul? Job’s friends showed up when he had lost everything. Instead of encouraging him, they did the exact opposite!

~Job 6:27 Yea, ye overwhelm the fatherless, and ye dig a pit for your friend.

This is not the kind of person we should strive to be! We must make ourselves available to encourage those that Jesus puts in our lives. For what do you know about this person, really? They could be going through financial troubles – emotional problems – loneliness – etc. How can we help someone if we are judging?  Be ready to share Christ if they do not know Him.  Be ready to encourage them down the paths of righteousness if they have gone astray.

Whatever you do, leave yourself out of it and let the Holy Spirit guide you to be an encouragement to someone today!  What does it take?:  a smile, a hug, a note card, a phone call, sharing your time, sharing yourself!