A flock of wild ducks were flying in formation, heading south for the winter. They formed a beautiful V in the sky, and were admired by everyone who saw them from below.

One day, Wally, one of the wild ducks in the formation, spotted something on the ground that caught his eye. It was a barnyard with a flock of tame ducks who lived on the farm. They were waddling around on the ground, quacking merrily and eating corn that was thrown on the ground for them every day. Wally liked what he saw. “It sure would be nice to have some of that corn,” he thought to himself. “And all this flying is very tiring. I’d like to just waddle around for a while.”

So after thinking it over a while, Wally left the formation of wild ducks, made a sharp dive to the left, and headed for the barnyard. He landed among the tame ducks, and began to waddle around and quack merrily. He also started eating corn. The formation of wild ducks continued their journey south, but Wally didn’t care. “I’ll rejoin them when they come back north in a few months,” he said to himself.

Several months went by and sure enough, Wally looked up and spotted the flock of wild ducks in formation, heading north. They looked beautiful up there. And Wally was tired of the barnyard. It was muddy and everywhere he waddled, nothing but duck doo. “It’s time to leave,” said Wally.

So Wally flapped his wings furiously and tried to get airborne. But he had gained some weight from all his corn-eating, and he hadn’t exercised his wings much either. He finally got off the ground, but he was flying too low and slammed into the side of the barn. He fell to the ground with a thud and said to himself, “Oh, well, I’ll just wait until they fly south in a few months. Then I’ll rejoin them and become a wild duck again.”

But when the flock flew overhead once more, Wally again tried to lift himself out of the barnyard. He simply didn’t have the strength. Every winter and every spring, he saw his wild duck friends flying overhead, and they would call out to him. But his attempts to leave were all in vain.

Eventually Wally no longer paid any attention to the wild ducks flying overhead. He hardly even noticed them. He had, after all, become a barnyard duck.

Sometimes we get tired of being wild ducks-followers of Jesus Christ. It’s not always easy to be obedient to God and to discipline ourselves to hang in there for the long haul. When we are feeling that way, that’s when Satan tempts us to “fall out of formation” and to join the barnyard ducks – the world.

But look what happened to Wally. He thought he would just “check it out” for awhile and then leave when he wanted to. But he couldn’t do it. Sin is like that. Sin is a trap, and it has a way of changing us into people we don’t even want to become. Eventually we lose touch with who we really are–the sons and daughters of the Most High. We become barnyard ducks.

~Unknown Author

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~Matthew 11:28-30 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Not one person can truly say he has experienced true peace, rest and freedom from life’s burdens until they have been born again and entered into a genuine Father/child relationship with the Heavenly Father. This comes only through salvation.

Do you have this kind of true peace and rest? If not, I challenge you to question the path you are on and read the Gospel of John through three times. Please contact me when you are finished 🙂

No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.

On a cool, quiet January morning, Corporal Rick Garrett was shaving in the shower trailer at Camp Victory, Iraq. Wrapped in a towel and enjoying the energy he felt from a good night’s sleep, he began thinking about the months he had left overseas. Many questions filled his mind: Would the war get even bloodier? Would any of his buddies be killed? Would he do his duty well? In fact, would he even survive?

Then another question – it was a prayer, really – formed itself in his mind: “God, are you able to protect me over here?”

The words had just become a conscious thought when Corporal Garrett heard a deafening crash. It was the sound of the trailer door shattering. An RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) had pierced the door and was now flying through the middle of the trailer. In an instant, the projectile flew past Corporal Garrett, lightly creasing his stomach en route, and embedded itself in the trailer wall opposite the door.

For a moment, Garrett was frozen in shock, expecting the RPG to explode. But it did not. Realizing he might have a moment to escape, the Corporal ran to the gaping hole where the door had been and hurled himself through it to the ground several feet below. Jumping up as quickly as he could, he sprinted from the trailer while shouting a warning to those in the nearby trailers. Dozens of soldiers braced themselves for an explosion.

Yet nothing happened. The RPG never exploded. It was a dud. Garrett picked himself up from the ground and began laughing with relief. As a crowd gathered and began congratulating him for his luck, he remembered the question he had been asking God: “Can you protect me over here?” It seemed that God had answered.

In case the message hadn’t been clear enough, though, there was something more. When the ordinance specialists examined the unexploded RPG, they found a message had been scratched onto it. This was not uncommon. Insurgents often painted or scratched some message on the missiles they fired as an added insult to their American enemy. But the message on this particular missile had a special meaning to Corporal Garrett.

It read simply, “From the God of the American Soldiers.”

Apparently, an insurgent had intended the message as a cruel insult. Corporal Garrett knew better. Whatever the insurgents meant to say, he knew that his God was saying in dramatic terms, “Yes, I can protect you over here. For I am indeed, ‘the God of the American Soldiers.'”

Taken from ‘American Heroes’ by Stephen Mansfield.

Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper.

The Lord is not compelled to use theologians. He can take snakes, sticks or anything else, and use them for the advancement of his cause.

I believe that a long step toward public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names.

Your reputation is what people say about you. Your character is what God and your wife know about you.

If you took no more care of yourself physically than spiritually, you’d be just as dried up physically as you are spiritually.

If you live wrong you can’t die right.

Look into the preaching Jesus did and you will find it was aimed straight at the big sinners on the front seats.

If good preaching could save the world, it would have been done long ago.

Churches don’t need new members half so much as they need the old bunch made over.

There wouldn’t be so many non-church goers if there were not so many non-going churches.

Too many churches are little more than four walls and a roof.

There are some so-called Christian homes today with books on the shelves of the library that have no more business there than a rattler crawling about on the floor, or a poison within the child’s reach.

Home is the place we love best and grumble the most.

There is more power in a mother’s hand than in a king’s scepter.

I don’t believe there are devils enough in hell to pull a boy out of the arms of a godly mother.

There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.

To train a boy in the way he should go you must go that way yourself.

Don’t stop with telling your boy to do right. Show him how.

Be careful, father, or while you are taking one lap around the devil’s track your boy will make six.

If you would have your children turn out well, don’t turn your home into a lunch counter and lodging house.

Not to walk in the straight and narrow way yourself, is to give the devil the biggest kind of a chance to get our children.

Some homes need a hickory switch a good deal more than they do a piano.

Better die an old maid, sister, than marry the wrong man.

Whiskey is all right in its place — but its place is hell.

The normal way to get rid of drunkards is to quit raising drunkards — to put the business that makes drunkards out of business.

Riches have never yet given anybody either peace or rest.

It won’t save your soul if your wife is a Christian. You have got to be something more than a brother-in-law to the Church.

You can’t raise the standard of women’s morals by raising their pay envelope. It lies deeper than that.

The reason you don’t like the Bible, you old sinner, is because it knows all about you.

Going to church doesn’t make a man a Christian, any more than going to a garage makes him an automobile.

The difference between God’s side and the devil’s is the difference between heaven and hell.

God keeps no half-way house. It’s either heaven or hell for you and me.

A man can slip into hell with his hand on the door-knob of heaven.

The Bible will always be full of things you cannot understand, as long as you will not live according to those you can understand.

The inconsistency is not in the Bible, but in your life.

God likes a little humor, as is evidence by the fact that he made the monkeys, the parrot — and some of you people.

Yank some of the groans out of your prayers, and shove in some shouts.

If you are strangers to prayer you are strangers to power.

What have you given the world it never possessed before you came?

The Bible says forgive your debtors; the world says “sue them for their dough.”

Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in.

I am not the author of the plan of salvation, but I am responsible for the way I preach it.

I am an old-fashioned preacher of the old-time religion, that has warmed this cold world’s heart for two thousand years.

When I hit the devil square in the face some people go away as mad as if I had slapped them in the mouth.

The backslider likes the preaching that wouldn’t hit the side of a house, while the real disciple is delighted when the truth brings him to his knees.

To discover a flaw in our makeup is a chance to get rid of it, and add a new line of beauty to our life.

It is not necessary to be in a big place to do big things.

12 Ways To Spot A Bad Barber | FashionBeans

This is one of the best explanations of why God allows pain and suffering that I have seen.

A man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation.
They talked about so many things and various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said:

‘I don’t believe that God exists.’

‘Why do you say that?’ asked the customer.

‘Well, you just have to go out in the street to realize that God doesn’t exist. Tell me, if God exists, would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children? If God existed, there would be neither suffering nor pain. I can’t imagine a loving God who would allow all of these things.’

The customer thought for a moment, but didn’t respond because he didn’t want to start an argument. The barber finished his job and the customer left the shop. Just after he left the barbershop, he saw a man in the street with long, stringy, dirty hair and an untrimmed beard. He looked dirty and unkempt. The customer turned back and entered the barber shop again and he said to the barber:

‘You know what? Barbers do not exist.’

‘How can you say that?’ asked the surprised barber.

‘I am here, and I am a barber. And I just worked on you!’

‘No!’ the customer exclaimed. ‘Barbers don’t exist because if they did, there would be no people with dirty long hair and untrimmed beards, like that man outside.’

‘Ah, but barbers DO exist! That’s what happens when people do not come to me.’

‘Exactly!’ affirmed the customer. ‘That’s the point! God, too, DOES exist! That’s what happens when people do not go to Him and don’t look to Him for help. That’s why there’s so much pain and suffering in the world.’

In Genesis He is the Seed of the Woman

In Exodus He is the Passover Lamb

In Leviticus He Is our High Priest

In Numbers He is the Pillar of Cloud by day and the Pillar of Fire by night

In Deuteronomy He is the Prophet like unto Moses

In Joshua He is the Captain of our Salvation

In Judges He is our Judge and Lawgiver

In Ruth He is our Kinsman Redeemer

In 1 and 2 Samuel He is our Trusted Prophet

In Kings and Chronicles He Is our Reigning King

In Ezra He is the Rebuilder of the broken down walls of human life

In Esther He is our Mordecai

And in Job He is our Ever-Living Redeemer, “For I know my redeemer liveth.”

In Psalms He is our Shepherd

In Proverbs and Ecclesiastes He is our Wisdom

In the Song of Solomon He is our Lover and Bridegroom

In Isaiah He is the Prince of Peace

In Jeremiah He is the Righteous Branch

In Lamentations He is our Weeping Prophet

In Ezekiel He is the wonderful Four-Faced Man

And in Daniel the Fourth Man in “Life’s Fiery Furnaces.”

In Hosea He is the Faithful Husband, “Forever married to the backslider.”

In Joel He is the Baptizer with the Holy Ghost and Fire

In Amos He is our Burden-Bearer

In Obadiah He is the Mighty to Save

In Jonah He Is our great Foreign Missionary

In Micah He is the Messenger of Beautiful Feet

In Nahum He is the Avenger of God’s Elect

In Habakkuk He is God’s Evangelist, crying, “Revive thy work in the midst of the years.”

In Zephaniah He is our Saviour

In Haggai He is the Restorer of Gods lost heritage

In Zechariah He is the Fountain opened to the house of David for sin and uncleanness

In Malachi He is the Sun of Righteousness, rising with healing in His wings

In Matthew He is the Messiah

In Mark He is the Wonder-Worker

In Luke He is the Son of Man

In John He is the Son of God

In Acts He is the Holy Ghost

In Romans He is our Justifier

In 1 and 2 Corinthians He is our Sanctifier

In Galatians He is our Redeemer from the curse of the law

In Ephesians He is the Christ of unsearchable riches

In Philippians He is the God who supplies all our needs

In Colossians He is the fullness of the Godhead, bodily

In 1 and 2 Thessalonians He is our Soon-Coming King

In 1 and 2 Timothy He is our Mediator between God and man

In Titus He is our Faithful Pastor

In Philemon He is a Friend that sticketh closer than a brother

In Hebrews He is the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant

In James He is our Great Physician, for “The prayer of faith shall save the sick.”

In 1 and 2 Peter He is our Chief Shepherd, who soon shall appear with a crown of unfading glory

In 1, 2 and 3 John He is Love

In Jude He is the Lord coming with ten thousands of His saints

And in Revelation He is the King of kings and Lord of lords!

This was copied with permission from Hope of Israel.

This page seems to be one of our most popular. It is our desire that you will search the Scriptures for these prophecies. Some are more clear than others. Nevertheless the final verdict is unmistakable. Please take the time to compare this list with Messianic Prophecy According to the Rabbis as well as Messiah in the Targums. You will find that we are not so far in left field after all. Search our site. Study the typology of the Tabernacle, Moses, Joseph, etc. See how many of the Old Testament characters, places, and objects were prophetic pictures of Messiah. You can not even create a fictional character who is foreshadowed by the Old Testament as much as Jesus was. And at the end of the day, it is our prayer that you will find the truth about Messiah, the Hope of Israel.

Genesis 3:15 … Seed of a woman (virgin birth) … Luke 1:35, Mt 1:18-20
Genesis 3:15 … He will bruise Satan’s head … Hebrews 2:14, I John 3:18
Genesis 5:24 … The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated … Mark 6:19
Genesis 9:26-27 … The God of Shem will be the Son of Shem … Luke 3:36
Genesis 12:3 … As Abraham’s seed, will bless all nations … Acts. 3:25,26
Genesis 12:7 … The Promise made to Abraham’s Seed … Galatians 3:16
Genesis 14:18 … A priest after Melchizedek … Hebrews 6:20
Genesis 14:18 … A King also … Hebrews 7:2
Genesis 14:18 … The Last Supper foreshadowed … Matthew 26:26-29
Genesis 17:19 … The Seed of Isaac … Romans 9:7
Genesis 22:8 … The Lamb of God promised … John 1:29
Genesis 22:18 … As Isaac’s seed, will bless all nations … Galatians 3:16
Genesis 26:2-5..The Seed of Isaac promised as the Redeemer… Hebrews11:18
Genesis 49:10 … The time of His coming … Luke 2:1-7; Galatians 4:4
Genesis 49:10 … The Seed of Judah … Luke 3:33
Genesis 49:10 … Called Shiloh or One Sent … John 17:3
Genesis 49:10 … To come before Judah lost identity … John 11:47-52
Genesis 49:10 … To Him shall the obedience of the people be … John 10:16

Exodus 3:13,14 … The Great “I Am” … John 4:26
Exodus 12:5 … A Lamb without blemish … I Peter 1:19
Exodus 12:13 … The blood of the Lamb saves from wrath … Romans 5:8
Exodus 12:21-27 … Christ is our Passover … I Corinthians 5;7
Exodus 12:46 … Not a bone of the Lamb to be broken … John 19:31-36
Exodus 15:2 … His exaltation predicted as Yeshua … Acts 7:55,56
Exodus 15:11 … His Character-Holiness … Luke 1:35; Acts 4:27
Exodus 17:6 … The Spiritual Rock of Israel … I Corinthians 10;4
Exodus 33:19 … His Character-Merciful … Luke 1:72

Leviticus14:11… The leper cleansed-Sign to priesthood … Luke 5:12-14; Acts 6:7
Leviticus16:15-17 … Prefigures Christ’s once-for-all death … Hebrews 9:7-14
Leviticus16:27 … Suffering outside the Camp … Matthew 27:33; Hebrews 13:11, 12
Leviticus17:11 … The Blood-the life of the flesh … Matthew 26:28; Mark 10:45
Leviticus17:11 … It is the blood that makes atonement … I John 3:14-18
Leviticus23:36-37 … The Drink-offering: “If any man thirst.” … John 19:31-36

Numbers 9:12 … Not a bone of Him broken … John 19:31-36
Numbers 21:9 … The serpent on a pole-Christ lifted up … John 3:14-18
Numbers 24:17 … Time: “I shall see him, but not now.” … Galatians 4:4

Deuteronomy 18:15 … “This is of a truth that prophet.” … John 6:14
Deuteronomy 18:15-16 … “Had ye believed Moses, ye would believe me.” … John 5:45-47
Deuteronomy 18:18 … Sent by the Father to speak His word … John 8:28, 29
Deuteronomy 18:19 … Whoever will not hear must bear his sin … John 12:15,
Deuteronomy 21:23 … Cursed is he that hangs on a tree … Galatians 3:10-13

Ruth 4:4-9 … Christ, our kinsman, has redeemed us … Ephesians 1:3-7

I Samuel 2:10 … Shall be an anointed King to the Lord … Matthew 28:18; John 12:15

II Samuel 7:12 … David’s Seed … Matthew 1:1
II Samuel 7:14a … The Son of God … Luke 1:32
II Samuel 7:16 … David’s house established forever … Luke 3:31; Revelation 22:16

II Kings 2:11 … The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated … Luke 24:51

I Chronicles 17:11 … David’s Seed … Matthew 1:1; 9:27
I Chronicles 17:12, 13a … To reign on David’s throne forever … Luke 1:32, 33
I Chronicles 17:13a … “I will be His Father, He … my Son.” … Hebrews 1:5

Job 19:23-27 … The Resurrection predicted … John 5:24-29

Psalm 2:1-3 … The enmity of kings foreordained … Acts 4:25-28
Psalm 2:2 … To own the title, Anointed (Christ) … Acts 2:36
Psalm 2:6 … His Character-Holiness … John 8:46; Revelation 3:7
Psalm 2:6 … To own the title King … Matthew 2:2
Psalm 2:7 … Declared the Beloved Son … Matthew 3:17
Psalm 2:7-8 … The Crucifixion and Resurrection intimated … Acts 13:29-33
Psalm 2:12 … Life comes through faith in Him … John 20:31
Psalm 8:2 … The mouths of babes perfect His praise … Matthew 21:16
Psalm 8:5, 6 … His humiliation and exaltation … Luke 24:50-53; I Corinthians 15:27
Psalm 16:10 … Was not to see corruption … Acts 2:31
Psalm 16:9-11 … Was to arise from the dead … John 20:9
Psalm 17:15 … The resurrection predicted … Luke 24:6
Psalm 22:1 … Forsaken because of sins of others … II Corinthians 5:21
Psalm 22:1 … Words spoken from Calvary, “My God … ” Mark 15:34
Psalm 22:2 … Darkness upon Calvary … Matthew 27:45
Psalm 22:7 … They shoot out the lip and shake the head … Matthew 27:39
Psalm 22:8 …”He trusted in God, let Him deliver Him” … Matthew 27:43
Psalm 22:9 … Born the Saviour … Luke 2:7
Psalm 22:14 … Died of a broken (ruptured) heart … John 19:34
Psalm 22:14-15 … Suffered agony on Calvary … Mark 15:34-37
Psalm 22:15 … He thirsted … John 19:28
Psalm 22:16 … They pierced His hands and His feet … John 19:34, 37; 20:27
Psalm 22:17-18 … Stripped Him before the stares of men … Luke 23:34,35
Psalm 22:18 … They parted His garments … John 19:23,24
Psalm 22:20-21 … He committed Himself to God … Luke 23:46
Psalm 22:20-21 … Satanic power bruising the Redeemer’s heel … Hebrews 2:14
Psalm 22:22 … His Resurrection declared … John 20:17
Psalm 22:27 … He shall be the governor of the nations … Colossians 1:16
Psalm 22:31 … “It is finished” … John 19:30
Psalm 23:1 … “I am the Good Shepherd” … John 10:11
Psalm 24:3 … His exaltation predicted … Acts 1:11; Philippians 2:9
Psalm 30:3 … His resurrection predicted … Acts 2:32
Psalm 31:5 … “Into thy hands I commit my spirit” … Luke 23:46
Psalm 31:11 … His acquaintances fled from Him … Mark 14:50
Psalm 31:13 … They took counsel to put Him to death … John 11:53
Psalm 31:14-15 … ” He trusted in God, let Him deliver him” … Matthew 27:43
Psalm 34:20 … Not a bone of Him broken … John 19:31-36
Psalm 35:11 … False witnesses rose up against Him … Matthew 26:59
Psalm 35:19 … He was hated without a cause … John 15:25
Psalm 38:11 … His friends stood afar off … Luke 23:49
Psalm 40:2-5 … The joy of His resurrection predicted … John 20:20
Psalm 40:6-8 … His delight-the will of the Father … John 4:34
Psalm 40:9 … He was to preach the Righteousness in Israel … Matthew 4:17
Psalm 40:14 … Confronted by adversaries in the Garden … John
Psalm 41:9 … Betrayed by a familiar friend … John 13:18
Psalm 45:2 … Words of Grace come from His life Psalm … Luke 4:22
Psalm 45:6 … To own the title, God or Elohim … Hebrews 1:8
Psalm 45:7 … A special anointing by the Holy Spirit … Matthew 3:16; Hebrews 1:9
Psalm 45:7-8 … Called the Christ (Messiah or Anointed) … Luke 2:11
Psalm 55:12-14 … Betrayed by a friend, not an enemy … John 13:18
Psalm 55:15 … Unrepentant death of the Betrayer … Matthew 27:3-5; Acts 1:16-19
Psalm 68:18 … To give gifts to men … Ephesians 4:7-16
Psalm 68:18 … Ascended into Heaven … Luke 24:51
Psalm 69:4 … Hated without a cause … John 15:25
Psalm 69:8 … A stranger to own brethren … Luke 8:20-21
Psalm 69:9 … Zealous for the Lord’s House … John 2:17
Psalm 69:14-20 … Messiah’s anguish of soul before crucifixion … Matthew 26:36-45
Psalm 69:20 … “My soul is exceeding sorrowful.” … Matthew 26:38
Psalm 69:21 … Given vinegar in thirst … Matthew 27:34
Psalm 69:26 … The Saviour given and smitten by God … John 17:4; 18:11
Psalm 72:10-11 … Great persons were to visit Him … Matthew 2:1-11
Psalm 72:16 … The corn of wheat to fall into the Ground … John 12:24
Psalm 72:17 … His name, Yinon, will produce offspring … John 1:12-13
Psalm 72:17 … All nations shall be blessed by Him … Acts 2:11, 12, 41
Psalm 78:1.2 … He would teach in parables … Matthew 13:34-35
Psalm 78:2 … To speak the Wisdom of God with authority … Matthew 7:29
Psalm 88:8 … They stood afar off and watched … Luke 23:49
Psalm 89:27 … Emmanuel to be higher than earthly kings … Luke 1:32,33
Psalm 89:35-37 … David’s Seed, throne, kingdom endure forever … Luke 1:32-33
Psalm 89:36-37 … His character-Faithfulness … Revelation 1:5
Psalm 90:2 … He is from everlasting (Micah 5:2) … John 1:1
Psalm 91:11-12 … Identified as Messianic; used to tempt Christ … Luke 4:10-11
Psalm 97:9 … His exaltation predicted … Acts 1:11; Ephesians 1:20
Psalm 100:5 … His character-Goodness … Matthew 19:16,17
Psalm 102:1-11 … The Suffering and Reproach of Calvary … John 21:16-30
Psalm 102:25-27 … Messiah is the Preexistent Son … Hebrews 1:10-12
Psalm 109:25 … Ridiculed … Matthew 27:39
Psalm 110:1 … Son of David … Matthew 22:43
Psalm 110:1 … To ascend to the right-hand of the Father … Mark 16:19
Psalm 110:1 … David’s son called Lord … Matthew 22:44,45
Psalm 110:4 … A priest after Melchizedek’s order … Hebrews 6:20
Psalm 112:4 … His character-Compassionate, Gracious, et al … Matthew 9:36
Psalm 118:17-18 … Messiah’s Resurrection assured … Luke 24:5-7; I Corinthians 15:20
Psalm 118:22-23 … The rejected stone is Head of the corner … Matthew 21:42-43
Psalm 118:26 … The Blessed One presented to Israel … Matthew 21:9
Psalm 118:26 … To come while Temple standing … Matthew 21:12-15
Psalm 132:11 … The Seed of David (the fruit of His Body) … Luke 1:32
Psalm 138:1-6 … The supremacy of David’s Seed amazes kings … Matthew 2:2-6
Psalm 147:3, 6 … The earthly ministry of Christ described … Luke 4:18
Psalm 1:23 … He will send the Spirit of God … John 16:7

Song of Solomon 5:16 … The altogether lovely One … John 1:17

Isaiah 6:1 … When Isaiah saw His glory … John 12:40-41
Isaiah 6:9-10 … Parables fall on deaf ears … Matthew 13:13-15
Isaiah 6:9-12 … Blinded to Christ and deaf to His words … Acts. 28:23-29
Isaiah 7:14 … To be born of a virgin … Luke 1:35
Isaiah 7:14 … To be Emmanuel-God with us … Matthew 1:18-23
Isaiah 8:8 … Called Emmanuel … Matthew 28:20
Isaiah 8:14 … A stone of stumbling, a Rock of offense … I Peter 2:8
Isaiah 9:1-2 … His ministry to begin in Galilee … Matthew 4:12-17
Isaiah 9:6 … A child born-Humanity … Luke 1:31
Isaiah 9:6 … A Son given-Deity … Luke 1:32; John 1:14; 1 Tim. 3:16
Isaiah 9:6 … Declared to be the Son of God with power … Romans 1:3-4
Isaiah 9:6 … The Wonderful One, Peleh … Luke 4:22
Isaiah 9:6 … The Counsellor, Yaatz … Matthew 13:54
Isaiah 9:6 … The Mighty God, El Gibor … Matthew 11:20
Isaiah 9:6 … The Everlasting Father, Avi Adth … John 8:58
Isaiah 9:6 … The Prince of Peace, Sar Shalom … John 16:33
Isaiah 9:7 … To establish an everlasting kingdom … Luke 1:32-33
Isaiah 9:7 … His Character-Just … John 5:30
Isaiah 9:7 … No end to his Government, Throne, and Peace … Luke 1:32-33
Isaiah 11:1 … Called a Nazarene-the Branch, Netzer … Matthew 2:23
Isaiah 11:1 … A rod out of Jesse-Son of Jesse … Luke 3:23,32
Isaiah 11:2 … The anointed One by the Spirit … Matthew 3:16-17
Isaiah 11:2 … His Character-Wisdom, Understanding, et al … John 4:4-26
Isaiah 11:4 … His Character-Truth … John 14:6
Isaiah 11:10 … The Gentiles seek Him … John 12:18-21
Isaiah 12:2 … Called Jesus-Yeshua (salvation) … Matthew 1:21
Isaiah 25:8 … The Resurrection predicted … I Corinthians 15:54
Isaiah 26:19 … His power of Resurrection predicted … John 11:43,44
Isaiah 28:16 … The Messiah is the precious corner stone … Acts 4:11,12
Isaiah 29:13 … He indicated hypocritical obedience to His Word … Matthew 15:7-9
Isaiah 29:14 … The wise are confounded by the Word … I Corinthians 1:18-31
Isaiah 32:2 … A Refuge-A man shall be a hiding place … Matthew 23:37
Isaiah 35:4 … He will come and save you … Matthew 1:21
Isaiah 35:5 … To have a ministry of miracles … Matthew 11:4-6
Isaiah 40:3-4 … Preceded by forerunner … John 1:23
Isaiah 40:9 … “Behold your God.” … John 1:36; John 19:14
Isaiah 40:11 … A shepherd-compassionate life-giver … John 10:10-18
Isaiah 42:1-4 … The Servant-as a faithful, patient redeemer … Matthew 12:18-21
Isaiah 42:2 … Meek and lowly … Matthew 11:28-30
Isaiah 42:3 … He brings hope for the hopeless … John 4
Isaiah 42:4 … The nations shall wait on His teachings … John 12:20-26
Isaiah 42:6 … The Light (salvation) of the Gentiles … Luke 2:32
Isaiah 42:1,6 … His is a Worldwide compassion … Matthew 28:19-20
Isaiah 42:7 … Blind eyes opened … John 9:25-38
Isaiah 43:11 … He is the only Saviour … Acts. 4:12
Isaiah 44:3 … He will send the Spirit of God … John 16:7,13
Isaiah 45:23 … He will be the Judge … John 5:22; Romans 14:11
Isaiah 48:12 … The First and the Last … John 1:30; Revelation 1:8, 17
Isaiah 48:17 … He came as a Teacher … John 3:2
Isaiah 49:1 … Called from the womb-His humanity … Matthew 1:18
Isaiah 49:5 … A Servant from the womb … Luke 1:31; Philippians 2:7
Isaiah 49:6 … He is Salvation for Israel … Luke 2:29-32
Isaiah 49:6 … He is the Light of the Gentiles … Acts 13:47
Isaiah 49:6 … He is Salvation unto the ends of the earth … Acts 15:7-18
Isaiah 49:7 … He is despised of the Nation … John 8:48-49
Isaiah 50:3 … Heaven is clothed in black at His humiliation … Luke 23:44,45
Isaiah 50:4 … He is a learned counsellor for the weary … Matthew 11:28-29
Isaiah 50:5 … The Servant bound willingly to obedience … Matthew 26:39
Isaiah 50:6 … “I gave my back to the smiters.” … Matthew 27:26
Isaiah 50:6 … He was smitten on the cheeks … Matthew 26:67
Isaiah 50:6 … He was spat upon … Matthew 27:30
Isaiah 52:7 … To publish good tidings of peace … Luke 4:14-15
Isaiah 52:13 … The Servant exalted … Acts 1:8-11; Ephesians 1:19-22
Isaiah 52:13 … Behold, My Servant … Matthew 17:5; Philippians 2:5-8
Isaiah 52:14 … The Servant shockingly abused … Luke 18:31-34; Matthew 26:67-68
Isaiah 52:15 … Nations startled by message of the Servant … Romans 15:18-21
Isaiah 52:15 … His blood shed to make atonement for all … Revelation 1:5
Isaiah 53:1 … His people would not believe Him … John 12:37-38
Isaiah 53:2 … He would grow up in a poor family … Luke 2:7
Isaiah 53:2 … Appearance of an ordinary man … Philippians 2:7-8
Isaiah 53:3 … Despised … Luke 4:28-29
Isaiah 53:3 … Rejected … Matthew 27:21-23
Isaiah 53:3 … Great sorrow and grief … Luke 19:41-42
Isaiah 53:3 … Men hide from being associated with Him … Mark 14:50-52
Isaiah 53:4 … He would have a healing ministry … Luke 6:17-19
Isaiah 53:4 … He would bear the sins of the world … I Peter 2:24
Isaiah 53:4 … Thought to be cursed by God … Matthew 27:41-43
Isaiah 53:5 … Bears penalty for mankind’s transgressions … Luke 23:33
Isaiah 53:5 … His sacrifice would provide peace between man and God … Colossians 1:20
Isaiah 53:5 … His back would be whipped … Matthew 27:26
Isaiah 53:6 … He would be the sin-bearer for all mankind … Galatians 1:4
Isaiah 53:6 … God’s will that He bear sin for all mankind … I John 4:10
Isaiah 53:7 … Oppressed and afflicted … Matthew 27:27-31
Isaiah 53:7 … Silent before his accusers … Matthew 27:12-14
Isaiah 53:7 … Sacrificial lamb … John 1:29
Isaiah 53:8 … Confined and persecuted … Matthew 26:47-27:31
Isaiah 53:8 … He would be judged … John 18:13-22
Isaiah 53:8 … Killed … Matthew 27:35
Isaiah 53:8 … Dies for the sins of the world … I John 2:2
Isaiah 53:9 … Buried in a rich man’s grave … Matthew 27:57
Isaiah 53:9 … Innocent and had done no violence … Mark 15:3
Isaiah 53:9 … No deceit in his mouth … John 18:38
Isaiah 53:10 … God’s will that He die for mankind … John 18:11
Isaiah 53:10 … An offering for sin … Matthew 20:28
Isaiah 53:10 … Resurrected and live forever … Mark 16:16
Isaiah 53:10 … He would prosper … John 17:1-5
Isaiah 53:11 … God fully satisfied with His suffering … John 12:27
Isaiah 53:11 … God’s servant … Romans 5:18-19
Isaiah 53:11 … He would justify man before God … Romans 5:8-9
Isaiah 53:11 … The sin-bearer for all mankind … Hebrews 9:28
Isaiah 53:12 … Exalted by God because of his sacrifice … Matthew 28:18
Isaiah 53:12 … He would give up his life to save mankind … Luke 23:46
Isaiah 53:12 … Grouped with criminals … Luke 23:32
Isaiah 53:12 … Sin-bearer for all mankind … II Corinthians 5:21
Isaiah 53:12 … Intercede to God in behalf of mankind … Luke 23:34
Isaiah 55:3 … Resurrected by God … Acts 13:34
Isaiah 55:4 … A witness … John 18:37
Isaiah 59:15-16 … He would come to provide salvation … John 6:40
Isaiah 59:15-16 … Intercessor between man and God … Matthew 10:32
Isaiah 59:20 … He would come to Zion as their Redeemer … Luke 2:38
Isaiah 61:1-2 … The Spirit of God upon him … Matthew 3:16-17
Isaiah 61:1-2 … The Messiah would preach the good news … Luke 4:17-21
Isaiah 61:1-2 … Provide freedom from the bondage of sin and death … John 8:31-32
Isaiah 61:1-2 … Proclaim a period of grace … John 5:24

Jeremiah23:5-6 … Descendant of David … Luke 3:23-31
Jeremiah 23:5-6 … The Messiah would be God … John 13:13
Jeremiah 23:5-6 … The Messiah would be both God and Man … I Timothy 3:16
Jeremiah 31:22 … Born of a virgin … Matthew 1:18-20
Jeremiah 31:31 … The Messiah would be the new covenant … Matthew 26:28
Jeremiah 33:14-15 … Descendant of David … Luke 3:23-31

Ezekiel 17:22-24 … Descendant of David … Luke 3:23-31
Ezekiel 34:23-24 … Descendant of David … Matthew 1:1

Daniel 7:13-14 … He would ascend into heaven … Acts 1:9-11
Daniel 7:13-14 … Highly exalted … Ephesians 1:20-22
Daniel 7:13-14 … His dominion would be everlasting … Luke 1:31-33
Daniel 9:24 … To make an end to sins … Galatians 1:3-5
Daniel 9:24 … He would be holy … Luke 1:35
Daniel 9:25 … Announced to his people 483 years, to the exact day, after the decree to rebuild the city of Jerusalem … John 12:12-13
Daniel 9:26 … Killed … Matthew 27:35
Daniel 9:26 … Die for the sins of the world … Hebrews 2:9
Daniel 9:26 … Killed before the destruction of the temple … Matthew 27:50-51
Daniel 10:5-6 … Messiah in a glorified state … Revelation 1:13-16

Hosea 13:14 … He would defeat death … I Corinthians 15:55-57

Joel 2:32 … Offer salvation to all mankind … Romans 10:12-13

Micah 5:2 … Born in Bethlehem … Matthew 2:1-2
Micah 5:2 … God’s servant … John 15:10
Micah 5:2 … From everlasting … John 8:58

Haggai 2:6-9 … He would visit the second Temple … Luke 2:27-32
Haggai 2:23 … Descendant of Zerubbabel … Luke 3:23-27

Zechariah 3:8 … God’s servant … John 17:4
Zechariah 6:12-13 … Priest and King … Hebrews 8:1
Zechariah 9:9 … Greeted with rejoicing in Jerusalem … Matthew 21:8-10
Zechariah 9:9 … Beheld as King … John 12:12-13
Zechariah 9:9 … The Messiah would be just … John 5:30
Zechariah 9:9 … The Messiah would bring salvation … Luke 19:10
Zechariah 9:9 … The Messiah would be humble … Matthew 11:29
Zechariah 9:9 … Presented to Jerusalem riding on a donkey … Matthew 21:6-9
Zechariah 10:4 … The cornerstone … Ephesians 2:20
Zechariah 11:4-6 … At His coming, Israel to have unfit leaders … Matthew 23:1-4
Zechariah 11:4-6 … Rejection causes God to remove His protection.. Luke 19:41-44
Zechariah 11:4-6 … Rejected in favor of another king … John 19:13-15
Zechariah 11:7 … Ministry to “poor,” the believing remnant … Matthew 9:35-36
Zechariah 11:8 … Unbelief forces Messiah to reject them … Matthew 23:33
Zechariah 11:8 … Despised … Matthew 27:20
Zechariah 11:9 … Stops ministering to the those who rejected Him … Matthew 13:10-11
Zechariah 11:10-11 … Rejection causes God to remove protection … Luke 19:41-44
Zechariah 11:10-11 … The Messiah would be God … John 14:7
Zechariah 11:12-13 … Betrayed for thirty pieces of silver … Matthew 26:14-15
Zechariah 11:12-13 … Rejected … Matthew 26:14-15
Zechariah 11:12-13 … Thirty pieces of silver thrown into the house of the Lord … Matthew 27:3-5
Zechariah 11:12-13 … The Messiah would be God … John 12:45
Zechariah 12:10 … The Messiah’s body would be pierced … John 19:34-37
Zechariah 12:10 … The Messiah would be both God and man … John 10:30
Zechariah 12:10 … The Messiah would be rejected … John 1:11
Zechariah 13:7 … God’s will He die for mankind … John 18:11
Zechariah 13:7 … A violent death … Matthew 27:35
Zechariah 13:7 … Both God and man … John 14:9
Zechariah 13:7 … Israel scattered as a result of rejecting Him … Matthew 26:31-56

Malachi 3:1 … Messenger to prepare the way for Messiah … Matthew 11:10
Malachi 3:1 … Sudden appearance at the temple … Mark 11:15-16
Malachi 3:1 … Messenger of the new covenant … Luke 4:43
Malachi 4:5 … Forerunner in the spirit of Elijah … Matthew 3:1-2
Malachi 4:6 … Forerunner would turn many to righteousness … Luke 1:16-17

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1. There is a preacher and wife who are very, very poor. They already have 14 kids. Now she finds out she is pregnant with her 15th. They are living in tremendous poverty. Considering their poverty and the excessive world population, would you consider recommending abortion?

2. The father is sick with sniffles, the mother has TB. They have 4 children. The first is blind, the second is dead. The third is deaf and the fourth has TB. The mother finds she is pregnant again. Given the extreme situation, would you recommend abortion?

3. A man raped a 13 year old girl and she got pregnant. If you were her parents, would you consider recommending abortion?

4. A teenage girl is pregnant. She is not married. Her fiancee is not the father of the baby, and he is very upset. Would you recommend an abortion?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these situations:

In the first case you would have killed John Wesley, one of the great evangelists of the 18th century.

In the second case, you would have killed Beethoven.

In the third case you would have killed Ethel Waters, the great gospel singer.

In the fourth case you would have recommended the murder of Jesus Christ.

With U. S. abortion deaths topping 30 million, only God knows what we have sacrificed in lost human talent and creativity.

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~Malachi 3:3a And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver:

This verse puzzled some women in a Bible study and they wondered what this statement meant about the character and nature of God. One of the women offered to find out the process of refining silver and get back to the group at their next Bible study.

That week, the woman called a silversmith and made an appointment to watch him at work. She didn’t mention anything about the reason for her interest beyond her curiosity about the process of refining silver. As she watched the silversmith, he held a piece of silver over the fire and let it heat up. He explained that in refining silver, one needed to hold the silver in the middle of the fire where the flames were hottest as to burn away all the impurities. The woman thought about God holding us in such a hot spot then she thought again about the verse that says: “He sits as a refiner and purifier of silver.”

She asked the silversmith if it was true that he had to sit there in front of the fire the whole time the silver was being refined. The man answered that yes, he not only had to sit there holding the silver, but he had to keep his eyes on the silver the entire time it was in the fire. If the silver was left a moment too long in the flames, it would be destroyed. The woman was silent for a moment. Then she asked the silversmith, “How do you know when the silver is fully refined?” He smiled at her and answered, “Oh, that’s easy – when I see my image in it.”

If today you are feeling the heat of the fire, remember that God has His eye on you and will keep watching you until He sees His image in you.

Author Unknown

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A miserable looking woman recognized F. B. Meyer on the train and ventured to share her burden with him. For years she had cared for a crippled daughter who brought great joy to her life. She made tea for her each morning, then left for work, knowing that in the evening the daughter would be there when she arrived home. But the daughter had died, and the grieving mother was alone and miserable. Home was not “home” anymore.

Meyer gave her wise counsel. “When you get home and put the key in the door,” he said, “say aloud, ‘Jesus, I know You are here!’ and be ready to greet Him directly when you open the door. And as you light the fire tell Him what has happened during the day; if anybody has been kind, tell Him; if anybody has been unkind, tell Him, just as you would have told your daughter. At night stretch out your hand in the darkness and say, ‘Jesus, I know You are here!’”

Some months later, Meyer was back in that neighborhood and met the woman again, but he did not recognize her. Her face radiated joy instead of announcing misery. “I did as you told me,” she said, “and it has made all the difference in my life, and now I feel I know Him.”

The Wycliffe Handbook of Preaching & Preachers, W. Wiersbe, p. 194

There once was an oyster
Whose story I tell,
Who found that some sand
Had got into his shell.

It was only a grain,
but it gave him great pain.
For oysters have feelings
Although they’re so plain.

Now, did he berate
the harsh workings of fate
That had brought him
To such a deplorable state?

Did he curse at the government,
Cry for election,
And claim that the sea should
Have given him protection?

‘No,’ he said to himself
As he lay on a shell,
Since I cannot remove it,
I shall try to improve it.

Now the years have rolled around,
As the years always do,
And he came to his ultimate
Destiny ­ stew.

And the small grain of sand
That had bothered him so
Was a beautiful pearl
All richly aglow.

Now the tale has a moral,
for isn’t it grand
What an oyster can do
With a morsel of sand?

What couldn’t we do
If we’d only begin
With some of the things
That get under our skin.

~Author Unknown

While at the park one day, a woman sat down next to a man on a bench near a playground.

“That’s my son over there,” she said, pointing to a little boy in a red sweater who was gliding down the slide.

“He’s a fine looking boy,” the man said. “That’s my daughter on the bike in the white dress.”

Then, looking at his watch, he called to his daughter. “What do you say we go, Melissa?”

Melissa pleaded, “Just five more minutes, Dad. Please? Just five more minutes!”

The man nodded and Melissa continued to ride her bike to her heart’s content. Minutes passed and the father stood and called again to his daughter. “Time to go now?”

Again Melissa pleaded, “Five more minutes, Dad. Just five more minutes!”

The man smiled and said, “OK.”

“My, you certainly are a patient father!” the woman responded.

The man smiled and then said, “Her older brother Tommy was killed by a drunk driver last year while he was riding his bike near here. I never spent much time with Tommy and now I’d give anything for just five more minutes with him. I’ve vowed not to make the same mistake with Melissa.

She thinks she has five more minutes to ride her bike. The truth is, I get five more minutes to watch her play.”

Life is all about making priorities, what are your priorities?

Give someone you love 5 more minutes of your time today!

~Author Unknown

Once upon a time there was a leafy tree in a field. Leaves grew densely on the tall branches. The roots were deeply into the ground. The tree was the most remarkable among the rest.

The tree then became the home for some birds. They built their nests and they lived on his branches. The birds made holes on him, and they hatched their eggs within the greatness of the tree. The tree felt so delighted because he was accompanied as he walked through his long lasting days.

People were grateful for the presence of the tree. They often came over and sheltered under him. Under his branches, they sat down and opened their picnic baskets. “This tree is very useful,” that’s what the people said every time they went home from shelter. The tree was very proud hearing those compliments.

However, time went on. The tree was beginning to be sick. His leaves and twigs were falling, then his body became thin and pale. The greatness he used to have was fading away. Birds felt reluctant to build their nests there. No one would come to sit under the tree to shelter anymore.

The tree wept, “Oh God, why is it so hard for me? I need friends. Now no one would come close to me. Why do you take all the glory I used to have?” The tree cried loudly, so it echoed throughout the forest. “Why wouldn’t you cut me down, so I don’t have to bear this suffering?” The tree kept on crying, and his tears were running down his dry body.

Seasons came and went, but his condition had not changed. The tree was still feeling lonely. His branches became drier and drier. Every night the tree wept and cried, until the morning broke.

“Cheep…chirp….cheep” Ah, what was that noise? Oh, it’s a little baby bird who has just pipped from the egg. The old tree woke up from his daydream.

“Cheep…chirp…cheep”, the noise became louder and louder. There was another baby bird. Not long after that, the tree became noisy because of the birth of new baby birds. One…two…three…and four baby birds have been born to this world. “Ah, He has answered my prayers,” exclaimed the old tree.

The day after, there were many birds flying to the old tree. They were going to build new nests. The dry branches have turned out to attract their attention to nest there. The birds felt warmer to stay inside the dry branches instead of their place before. The number of birds was increasing and there were more kinds of them. “Wow, now my days are brighter with their presence here,” murmured the old tree gladly.

The old tree was back to cheer again. And when he looked down, his heart was flowing with joy. There was a new little tree growing near his roots. The new tree seemed to smile at him. The tears of the old tree has grown a little tree who would continue his devotion to nature.

Dear friends, that’s the way it is. Is there any lesson that we could take from the story? God always has secret plans for us. The Almighty God will always give answers to our questions. Even though it is not always easy to guess what the resolution is, be certain that the Omniscient God knows what’s best for us.

When there are times He sends trials for us, in other times He gives us His overflowing blessings. The test He gives us isn’t something that can’t be overcome. When God gave the trial to the old tree, actually He DELAYED in giving His glory. God didn’t choose to cut the old tree down since He kept some secrets. God was testing his patience.

~Author Unknown

~2 Thessalonians 3:5 And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.

Most of the flight from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale was delightful. We sailed high, in clear skies, with nary a bump to bother us. As the pilot announced our initial descent, thing began to change. The cloud cover in the area was thick, and we would have to go through it to land. As I peered out the window into murky gray emptiness, I felt frightened. There was nothing I could do except put my trust in the pilot and those in the control tower at Ft. Lauderdale. We bumped, were jarred and seemed to be on a roller coaster ride before we finally broke through the clouds. How relieved I was, being able to see once again, and having the smooth ride resume. Breaking through those clouds was exhilarating for me! I sighed a breath of relief.

Life hands us cloud banks of dark and dismal times, also. We may have some warning, as the pilot warned the passengers on the plane, or we may just hit the cloud banks of life with a bang. Either way, the ride through them is usually bumpy and uncomfortable, to say the least. But the old saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel is so true. There is light after we ride through the cloud banks of life. The question is, how do we weather the storm? Who do we put our trust in, as we face difficult times? Do we turn to a friend or write to Dear Abby for help? I hope we turn our eyes toward heaven, and ask God, who created this universe, for guidance and help during the cloudy times we endure. Then, when we make the transition out of darkness into His wonderful light, we can be reminded that He was with us all the while. That is very reassuring to me, and I hope it is to you, also.

~Author Unknown

Once there were three trees on a hill in the woods. They were discussing their hopes and dreams when the first tree said, “Someday I hope to be a treasure chest. I could be filled with gold, silver and precious gems. I could be decorated with intricate carving and everyone would see the beauty.”

Then the second tree said, “Someday I will be a mighty ship. I will take kings and queens across the waters and sail to the corners of the world. Everyone will feel safe in me because of the strength of my hull.”

Finally the third tree said, “I want to grow to be the tallest and straightest tree in the forest. People will see me on top of the hill and look up to my branches, and think of the heavens and God and how close to them I am reaching. I will be the greatest tree of all time and people will always remember me.”

After a few years of praying that their dreams would come true, a group of woodsmen came upon the trees. When one came to the first tree he said, “This looks like a strong tree, I think I should be able to sell the wood to a carpenter” … and he began cutting it down. The tree was happy, because he knew that the carpenter would make him into a treasure chest.

At the second tree a woodsman said, “This looks like a strong tree, I should be able to sell it to the shipyard.” The second tree was happy because he knew he was on his way to becoming a mighty ship.

When the woodsmen came upon the third tree, the tree was frightened because he knew that if they cut him down his dreams would not come true. One of the woodsmen said, “I don’t need anything special from my tree so I’ll take this one”, and he cut it down.

When the first tree arrived at the carpenters, he was made into a feed box for animals. He was then placed in a barn and filled with hay. This was not at all what he had prayed for. The second tree was cut and made into a small fishing boat. His dreams of being a mighty ship and carrying kings had come to an end. The third tree was cut into large pieces and left alone in the dark. The years went by, and the trees forgot about their dreams.

Then one day, a man and woman came to the barn. She gave birth and they placed the baby in the hay in the feed box that was made from the first tree. The man wished that he could have made a crib for the baby, but this manger would have to do. The tree could feel the importance of this event and knew that it had held the greatest treasure of all time. Years later, a group of men got in the fishing boat made from the second tree. One of them was tired and went to sleep. While they were out on the water, a great storm arose and the tree didn’t think it was strong enough to keep the men safe. The men woke the sleeping man, and he stood and said “Peace” and the storm stopped. At this time, the tree knew that it had carried the King of Kings in its boat.

Finally, someone came and got the third tree. It was carried through the streets as the people mocked the man who was carrying it. When they came to a stop, the man was nailed to the tree and raised in the air to die at the top of a hill. When Sunday came, the tree came to realize that it was strong enough to stand at the top of the hill and be as close to God as was possible, because Jesus had been crucified on it.

~Author Unknown

The moral of this story is that when things don’t seem to be going your way, always know that God has a plan for you. If you place your trust in Him, He will give you great gifts. Each of the trees got what they wanted, just not in the way they had imagined. We don’t always know what God’s plans are for us. We just know that His ways are not our ways, but His ways are always best.

The picture above was taken at the beautiful Red Woods National Park on our way cross country. Isn’t it beautiful? Due to our upcoming move, for the next week I will be posting some beautiful inspirational stories that were either sent to me or that I picked up along the way. I hope they are a blessing to you! God bless!

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1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant.

2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Talk to God about what is going on in your life. Buy a lock if you have to.

3. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, ‘My purpose is to__________ today. I am thankful for______________’

4. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.

5. Drink green tea and plenty of water. Eat blueberries, wild Alaskan salmon, broccoli , almonds & walnuts.

6. Try to make at least three people smile each day.

7. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

8. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.

9. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

10. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

11. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

12. You are not so important that you have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

13. Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present.

14. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

15. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

16. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: ‘In five years, will this matter?’

17. Forgive everyone for everything.

18. What other people think of you is none of your business.

19. GOD heals everything – but you have to ask Him.

20. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

21. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch!!!

22. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

23. Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements: I am thankful for__________. Today I accomplished_________.

24. Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed.

25. When you are feeling down, start listing your many blessings. You’ll be smiling before you know it.

Image result for what's important

What’s important is not what kind of car you drive,
but rather how many people you give a lift.

What’s important is not the size of your house,
but rather the number of people you welcome into your home.

What’s important is not your social status,
but whether you live your life with class.

What’s important is not what you possess,
but rather what you give.

What’s important is not how many friends you have,
but rather how many to whom you are a friend.

What’s important is not how much overtime you worked,
but rather if you work overtime for your family and loved ones.

What’s important is not if you live in a great neighborhood,
but rather how you treat your neighbor.

~Author Unknown

1. The Bible will still have all the answers.
2. Prayer will still be the most powerful thing on Earth..
3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
4. God will still honor the praises of His people.
5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.
6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
8. There will still be room at the Cross.
9. Jesus will still love you.
10. Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him.

Isn’t it great to remember Who is really in control, and that…<

“the Word of the Lord endureth forever.” (~1 Peter 1:25b)

When you’ve trusted Jesus and walked his way
When you’ve felt his hand lead you day by day
But your steps now take you another way,
start over.

When you’ve made your plans and they’ve gone awry
When you’ve tried your best and there’s no more try
When you’ve failed yourself and you don’t know why,
start over.

When you’ve told your friends what you plan to do
When you’ve trusted them and they didn’t come through
And now you’re all alone and it’s up to you,
start over.

When you’ve failed your kids and they’re grown and gone
When you’ve done your best but it’s turned out wrong
And now your grandchildren have come along,
start over.

When you’ve prayed to God so you’ll know his will
When you’ve prayed and prayed and you don’t know still
When you want to stop cause you’ve had your fill,
start over.

When you think you’re finished and want to quit
When you’ve bottomed out in life’s deepest pit
When you’ve tried and tried to get out of it,
start over.

When the year has been long and successes few
When December comes and you’re feeling blue
God gives a January just for you,
start over.

Starting over means “Victories Won”
Starting over means “A Race Well Run”
Starting over means “The Lords’ Will Done”
We need not just sit there … START OVER.

~Author Unknown

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this sink of dirty dishes; we have plenty of food to eat.

Thank you for this pile of dirty, stinky laundry; we have plenty of nice clothes to wear.

And I would like to thank you, Lord, for those unmade beds; they were so warm and comfortable last night. I know that many have no bed.

My thanks to you, Lord, for this bathroom, complete with all the splattered mess, soggy, grimy towels and the dirty lavatory; they are all so convenient.

Thank you for this finger-smudged refrigerator that needs defrosting so badly; it has served us faithfully for many years. It is full of cold drinks and enough leftovers for two or three meals.

Thank you, Lord, for this oven that absolutely must be cleaned today; it has baked so many things over the years.

The whole family is grateful for that tall grass that needs mowing and lawn that needs raking; we all enjoy the yard.

Thank you, Lord, even for that slamming screen door. My kids are healthy and able to run and play. Many children cannot.

Lord, the presence of all these chores awaiting me says You have richly blessed my family. I shall do them cheerfully and I shall do them gratefully.

Even though I clutch my blanket and growl when the alarm rings… Thank you, Lord, that I can hear. There are many who are deaf.

Even though I keep my eyes closed against the morning light as long as possible…Thank you, Lord, that I can see. Many are blind.

Even though I huddle in my bed and put off rising…Thank you, Lord, that I have the strength to rise. There are many who are bedridden.

Even though the first hour of my day is hectic with socks that are lost, toast that is burned, tempers that are short, and my children that are so loud…Thank you, Lord, for my family. There are many who are lonely.

Even though our breakfast table never looks like the pictures in magazines and the menu is at times not balanced…Thank you, Lord, for the food we have. There are many who are hungry.

Even though the routine of my job is often monotonous…Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to work. There are many who are jobless.

Even though I grumble and bemoan my fate from day to day and wish my circumstances were not so modest…Thank you, Lord, for life.

~Author Unknown