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How to Act in Church – Pull Up A Chair


Let’s color the picture of God and the earth! Do you see the heart? Do you think God loves you? Yes, God loves you! When you go to church, do you think God wants you to sit still and listen?

How to Act in Church
(sung to On Top of Old Smokie)

I want to show Jesus, how much I love Him
I sit still in church, and pay attention

I whisper to Mommy, if I need to speak
I listen to Daddy, every day of the week.

For God loves obedience, better than sacrifice
So I will be quiet, God’s Word says that’s wise.

Bible Time

(Psa 46:10a) Be still, and know that I am God:


Mary did not like to go to church because she did not like to sit still for almost an hour. So when Daddy said it was time go to church, Mary began to cry. Daddy picked her up and asked, “Mary, don’t you want to hear God speaking today?”

Mary’s eyes got big and she said, “God will talk to us today instead of Pastor?”

Daddy laughed and replied, “No, Mary, God won’t be the standing at the pulpit. Pastor will still be there. But God will speak to Pastor’s heart and God will cause Pastor to say things that He wants us to hear. Don’t you want to hear God speak to you?”

Mary nodded. She did not know that God would speak to her. Do you know that God does speak to us each time we are in church or read our Bibles? (nod your head yes) When we sit still and listen very carefully (cup your hand behind your ear as though you are listening), we will hear something that God wants us to hear. If you disobey and you don’t sit still, you will miss what God has to say. (frown and shake your head no)

God says that to obey is better than sacrifice. When Mommy and Daddy tell you to sit still and you obey them, this makes God AND your Mommy and Daddy VERY happy! (smile and clap your hands) When you obey Mommy and Daddy , you are also obeying God. Our verse says “Be still, and know that I am God:” God wants you to sit still so that you can hear what He has to say to you while your Pastor is preaching.

Dear God…
Help me to sit still in church and to whisper if I must say something to Mommy or Daddy. Amen!

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