I pray that this page will be a blessing to someone! I pray that after reading the articles I have pulled together, one woman will be discouraged from committing murder.

1. The Shedding of Innocent Blood!

2. Aborted Women Speak Out

3. One Baby in 30 Left Alive After Medical Termination!

4. The Pain of an Unborn Child

5. To Kill or Not to Kill

6. Would You Consider an Abortion in These Four Situations?

7. Abortion Survivor Sarah Smith – Sarah’s twin was aborted, but Sarah lives to tell her story – Excellent!

8. Miracle Baby Arrives After Abortion Recommended – Excellent piece! Must read. It just goes to show you that the medical profession doesn’t know it all!

9. Whose Rights? – Compares the total number of abortions performed in this country to the population of various countries! Quite an eye opener.

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  1. These are great articles, read mine on my web site, it will bless you too..Adoption VS Abortion, thank God my mom made the right choice

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