Good Reading – These are stories I’ve come across that have blessed me along the way. I hope they are a blessing to you as well.

20 Things to Remember – Excellent reading!

324 Messianic Prophecies – Great piece from Hope of Israel providing Old Testament prophecy of Messiah and New Testament fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

A Baby’s Hug – So precious!

A Carrot, An Egg and a Cup of Coffee – An insightful way to look at the trials in our lives!
A Soldier’s Prayer – This was written by a Confederate Soldier during the Civil War – Excellent!!

Billy Sunday Quotes – I had read many of these before but many of these I never read. They are really good!!

Crucifixion of Christ from a Medical Viewpoint – After reading this, you won’t be the same person you were before!

Jesus Christ in the Bible – Jesus Christ can be found in each Book of the Bible!

Psalm 23 – Simplified – This is quite an encouraging piece to read!

Refining Silver – An inspirational piece about how the Holy Spirit molds us into the image of Christ.

Some Things to Remember – A list of very wise comments!

The Barber – This is an excellent example of why there is pain and suffering in the world today.

The Devoted Son – Touching analogy!

The Mistrial of the Ages – What actually happened at Jesus’ trial? Very interesting piece by Nicholas Cardot/The Baptist Muse

The Ten Marks of a Flesh Pleaser – Written over a hundred years ago by Richard Baxter.

To Kill or not to Kill – When life begins – a comparison between the Bible and the Mayo Clinic.

Would You Considered an Abortion in These Four Situations? – This is an excellent piece!!

What two hymns, one Bible, and two men can do – This is an account of the effects of a missionary near Okinawa during WW II.

The God of Soldiers – Great story!

King James Bible

I wanted a page devoted to those things I find along the way that have impacted my life as it relates to my King James Bible. Hopefully they will be a blessing to you as well.

1. Deletions in the NIV

2. Different Bible Versions and Their Copyrights

3. Does God Have Limitations?

4. The NIV Bible Quiz

5. The Original Preface to the King James Bible


  1. Jesus is the only way, the only truth and giver of life. i was born muslim and when i was 25 i found Christ. Believe me when you have been on the other side of grace you know the truth when you find it. to all muslims who are searching for thruth and I plead with you to do so, do ask God if Jesus is the only way. God will never keep quite about this answer and in due time you will find the truth.

  2. Thank you for posting that comment! Grace is a beautiful gift from our Father in Heaven, isn’t it? Praise the Lord that you found Christ!! I was also 25 when I found Him. Please feel free to post more to help other muslims come to the Truth found in Jesus Christ!!

  3. Unfortunately, this poor soul gave up one false religion for another!

  4. See, Kate that is exactly the problem. Your stance on saying your religion is better. That is what is so intoxicating about religion. That is what makes the mind mush.

    Religion is worse than heroin and snorting cocaine.

    I also recall you saying that what you believe in is not religion…..but rather a way of life.

    This is exactly what I said before: you claim to have the truth, the Catholics claim to have the truth and so on and so forth. This now becomes an absurd competition of “my truth is better than your truth’.

  5. I understand what you are saying because I have been where you are now. I use to think the same thing. However, I believed there was a God and that He left us His Word “somewhere” for us to follow. That was the faith as small as a mustard seed that Jesus spoke of in the Bible. Forget religion – I am not pushing religion. Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, etc. – these are all religions. They are “religions” because they add their rules and laws over and above what God intended for His creation.

    Being born again is not a religion but a faith in Jesus Christ and an acceptance of His death on the cross as payment for our sins. Jesus paid the penalty and, therefore, has removed our burden of payment.

    The born-again believer has the Bible to live by – God’s own words. What better teacher than the Lord Himself? Religion does not bring peace – religion puts burdens on man. When you talk to ANYONE who is “religious,” take note if that individual has peace. Jesus Christ promises peace – if they are hypocritical in their walk, if they are just like everyone else you know, then chances are they are playing religion and are not born again.

    Being truly born-again produces a Christian who is at peace with his God and is growing more Christ-like with each passing day. The true Christian brings the message of Jesus Christ and peace. The “religions of the world” bring burdens.

    Being born-again creates a relationship with God! We become His child and heirs to the Kingdom!

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