~Psalm 23:3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Life’s lessons can be tough ones. To the believer, these lessons can be viewed in two ways:

  1. We accept the trial and learn what God intends for us to learn from it.
  2. We refuse to accept what God wants us to learn.

Either way, there is a lesson to be learned from the Master with each trial. Even if God’s instruction is not specific, He has taught us to depend on Him! All lessons from the Father dealing with character building are for your benefit. These lessons are all to lead you down a righteous path. Never would God lead you down a path of destruction. It is your own sinful flesh that leads us the wrong way.

If you are the type of believer who accepts your trial and looks to God for answers, you are admitting we need His help. That’s the foundation of spiritual growth. Being willing to accept God’s changes for you is the first step spiritual growth. Refusing His help is the sin of pride – you believe you can do it ourselves. There’s no peace in that.

If things are falling apart in your life, then why continue down that path? How is that going for you? Is your way bringing you total peace? Chances are, no! But God promises to restore our souls. This is not talking about losing one’s salvation and regaining it. According to Noah Webster, it means:

To revive; to resuscitate; to bring back to life.

God desires to revive us. God desires to resuscitate us. God desires to bring our beaten lives back to life. It is up to us to submit to His will and direction for us. When we allow God to restore, the end result is being led down a path of righteousness, which is always good for us!

There is no growth of character when life is fun and easy. Growth occurs during the hard and difficult times. Vegetation is sparse on the mountain top, but in the valley growth is plentiful. Remember: All sunshine all the time makes a desert.

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