Well, the gastroenterologist has informed us that one of the polyps which was removed was cancerous. The good news is that they got it all. The one polyp which could not be removed due to its size (over 3 inches) did not have cancer on the pieces removed for biopsy. However, there still could be cancer on the inside, according to the doctor. The difficult part of all this is that the polyp is positioned right at the end of the colon and prayerfully, a colostomy will not not to be performed if the colon can be re-attached. That is what we are praying for! So this was good news and bad news in a way. In all the research I have done thus far, there are symptoms involved with advanced colorectal cancer. John has none of these symptoms and, therefore, we are believing that it was caught early. We are to thank the Lord in all things so we are thanking Him that He is still on the throne and in control. He already knows what John will go through and will provide him with exactly the right amount of grace for the trial ahead.

Thank you to all of you who are praying on John’s behalf. 🙂

God bless each of you!


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