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Mini-Manna for Little Lambs – Day 13 – Good Attitudes – Pull Up A Chair

Let’s color a picture of Ruth. Ruth left her home to follow Naomi. She loved Naomi and wanted to follow Naomi’s God. Ruth loved God and this made her happy. See how Ruth is smiling? Ruth had a good attitude. Even though Ruth had lost everything, she still had a good attitude and God blessed her.

Good Attitude Song
(sung to Bah Bah Black Sheep)

When everything went wrong
What did Ruth do?
She followed Naomi
And God too

She didn’t cry
She didn’t pout
No bad attitude
She always smiled
Because she knew
God would give her food

God saw Ruth smiling
So her heart He healed
He gave her food
From Boaz’s field

Bible Time

yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.(Psa 144:15b)


Bobby liked it when Mommy and Daddy paid attention to him. Since Mary was born, Mommy and Daddy didn’t pay as much attention to him. (make a sad face) Bobby started whining so Mommy would look at him. After a while, Mommy did not listen to his whining but she ignored him.

When Mary cried, Mommy would go see her right away. So, Bobby pretended to cry so Mommy would come she him. Mommy came to see if he was hurt but she could tell that he was only prentending. After a while, Mommy stopped going to see if Bobby was O.K. (make a sad face)

When Daddy came home from work, Bobby told Daddy that Mommy did not love him because she would not come to see him when he cried. Daddy picked Bobby up and sat him in his lap. “Bobby,” said Daddy, “when you whine and cry for no reason, it is because you have a bad attitude. When you start to have a good attitude, Mommy will pay more attention to you.”

“How can I have a good attitude, Daddy?” asked Bobby. “Well, Bobby,” said Daddy, “ask Mommy if you can help her with Mary. Ask her if there is a chore she needs you to do. Smile at Mommy and give her hugs. Everyone likes to be around someone who smiles a lot and is a helper, too! People like being around those who have a good attitude.”

After supper, Bobby smiled at Mommy and asked her if he could help her with the dishes. Then he gave Mommy a BIG hug (hug yourself and smile)! Mommy said, “Oh, Bobby! I am so glad to have a helper like you! Thank you!” Bobby had a good attitude, didn’t he?

Dear God…
Help me to always have a good attitude. I know Jesus had a good attitude because He died for me. Thank You, Jesus!

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