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Single or Married – Day 18 – Proverbs 31 Wife – Day 4 – Pull Up A Chair

She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. (Pro 31:15) Notice that the Proverbs 31 wife rises “while it is yet night” so she could provide for her household. Granted, most of us do not have maidens to help us with our daily chores. However, this wife had everything prepared and ready for her maidens. Whether these maidens were her own unwed daughters or servants is unclear. But what is clear is that the Proverbs 31 wife was organized and had done the prep work for the day before the maidens began their chores.

Because Prov. 31:10 says she is a virtuous woman, I believe this wife not only got up early to prepare for the physical needs of her household but also to prepare herself spiritually for the needs of her family. She relied on her time with the Lord and His Word to feed her spirit and soul. Only then can a woman take on the challenges of life with a Godly spirit and wisdom to deal with ole slew foot’s snares. This wife rose up before the sun even crept through the windows. I remember when my children were little and how difficult it was for me to find uninterrupted time with the Lord. They would stir at 6:00 every morning, like clockwork. I had to get up an hour earlier in order to fuel myself spiritually. When I failed to do so, my day always had hurdles that were difficult and I did not feel organized.

Do you plan your day? Or are you the type whose life is chaotic. There’s a saying that goes something like this: If you need something done, ask the busiest person you know because their lives are ordered and scheduled. This Proverbs 31 wife was the organized wife because she worked at it by getting up before dawn to get herself prepared. Since verse 12 says that she did her husband good all her days, she included something in her plans for the day that revolved around this man God had given to her. She had the spiritual meat as well as the meals for the day planned and prepared before sunrise. She had the chores already laid out for the maidens to do. In our lifestyle, our maidens would be our children. We should be teaching our children to have specific chores in order to help us out.

Can you imagine how your day would go if you used the following routine?

1. Rise up an hour before everyone else. Forget self – if you wanted to go to your favorite past-time, you would get up even earlier in order to be ready. Wash up and get fully dressed as if you were ready to go out the door.

2. Spend time with the Lord in prayer and reading. Ask for His guidance and wisdom as you go through your day.

3. Plan your day – plan your spiritual time with the children first – plan menus – plan chores needed to be done by you and the children and then assign them to each child. Plan short breaks so everyone gets rejuvenated and motivated to continue. Fix breakfast for the family and send your dear husband off to work.

4. Work your schedule until your tasks are completed. Only then should you sit at the computer or your favorite past-time.

5. An hour or so before your dear husband comes home, do a quick look-around to make sure that the common areas are picked up and nice and get dinner started. If you planned properly in the morning, this should be a breeze.

6. If the kids are “wound up” and overly excited, take them outside to play tag so they work out their energy. If it’s raining, have an exercise time with them and work out the those little energy boosts out of their arms and legs by doing jumping jacks, etc. Then right before your husband is expected to come home, take out the coloring books and drawing paper or reading books and have them sit quietly.

7. Put on sweet music in the background, light a nicely scented candle and double check your appearance to be sure you look your best. Remember, he sees business women all day long – he doesn’t need to see you in your favorite “shlump” clothes. Make your husband’s haven a place he longs to come home to.

8. After dinner, have the kids help you pick up the dirty dishes and send hubby off to relax. Once the dishes are finished, take the kids outside for a half hour or so (or another part of the house if it’s raining) and let hubby catch the news without interruption.

9. After the children are in bed, do what you planned that morning relating to your husband. Whether it his favorite brownies, sitting with him in the garage while he worked on the car, or giving him a massage because his back hurt. You are his helpmeet and he is your priority. Don’t let the day end without doing something for him. In fact, don’t let the day start and get away from you without having planned this already.

The Proverbs 31 wife did not waste a minute of her day. She was not only frugal with her money, but frugal with her time. So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

Dear God…
May I use each minute wisely
Tending to the day’s affairs
May each revolve around those
You have entrusted in my care

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  1. Ouch again!! I have to say that I am not good at preparing for my day ahead of time. I tend to take each thing as it comes. I have learned not to let things stress me out though. Things don’t get done when I am fretting about them. The most important thing is to make sure that precious time with our Lord is taken first thing. We have no one to blame but ourselves if our day goes haywire when we didn’t remember Him first!!

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