‘Miracle’ baby arrives after abortion recommended
Review ordered after unborn incorrectly diagnosed as blind, deaf

Posted: February 27, 2008
8:56 pm Eastern

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An urgent review has been ordered into hospital procedures after an unborn baby diagnosed with rhomboencephalosynapsis, a rare and serious brain disease, was born without handicap to parents who now call him their “miracle.”

The case developed in the Fetal Medicine Unit at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, where doctors first thought the baby known as Brandon Kramer, and who now is teething and trying to talk, had Down’s Syndrome, according to a new report in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom.

They later diagnosed the more rare brain condition after they determined he suffered from a swollen head and hydrocephalus while in the womb. They said tests showed his condition worsening, and they recommended to the parents that he be aborted.

The newspaper cited medical notes written by pediatric neurologist Dr. Cathy White shortly before Brandon’s birth:

“Rhomboencephalosynapsis is an extraordinarily rare congenital abnormality and this, therefore, makes it very difficult to predict the long-term outcome for this baby,” she wrote.

“I have explained to them [the parents] that children with this condition are likely to be profoundly handicapped with severe physical and learning disabilities and will be totally dependent for the whole of their life,” she continued. “They often need the level of care given to babies for the whole of their lives.”

Brandon’s mother, Becky Weatherall, and father, Kriss Kramer, were offered “termination” because of the diagnosis and doctors’ expectations he would be born deaf and blind and would survive no more than a few hours.

The report said, however, Brandon was born naturally and quickly given a clean bill of health after being examined by a team of specialists.

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A member of a message board I belong to brought this article to my attention. He posted a personal testimony that really blessed me:

This article really hit home for me. 15 years ago my as yet born daughter was diagnosed with hydocephalus and we were informed that she would be at least moderately retarded and that we should abort as it would not be fair to her to have to live such a life, and it would be very difficult on us.

Abortion was not an option!

We now have a beautiful 14 year old girl that is equal to her peers in almost all areas. When born I could not even get a glimpse of my little girl because the doctors and nurses enveloped her in disbelief at her perfect condition. They told us this should never have happened. They obviously did not know the Great Physician! No medical college can teach and no doctor can learn what God can do.

Doctors have their place and they can make our physical life more comfortable, but God is the keeper of the keys and prayer and fasting is the best medicine. I thank God that He answers prayer!

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