There is none other like my God
His love for me complete
I found my way one glorious day
At His most precious feet.

The feet who trod the land He made
Were pierced because of me
My sins did take Him to His death
That day upon the tree.

He bled and died so I might be
Saved to the uttermost
Not anything that I could do
Or tried to even boast

The ones from times of long ago
Diligently did try
To follow and obey Him
They called Him El Shaddai

However hard they tried to keep
The laws commanded them
They relied upon their flesh
God said they were condemned

It is by grace that we are saved
A gift free from above
Jesus paid our penalty
Of death because of love

There is none other like the Lamb
Who sits on Heaven’s Seat
Lord of Lords, Eternal One,
The King of Kings Supreme.

Kate Plourde
January 31, 2008

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  1. That is a really good poem. Great job!

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