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There is no other who can fill my heart
The way You can, dear Lord.
There is nothing else that can satisfy
Like a drink from Your precious word.

Each page has just what I need to read
To guide and to light my way.
When my heart is heavy or overwhelmed
Your words are fresh like winter air.

There is none other like you my Lord
You know exactly what I need
On each page Your Spirit whispers truth
And the waters of doubt recede

You raise me up when I am down
My spirit you cause to soar
As I look unto the hills for You
I find Your love and so much more!

Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour is.
So deserving to be adored.
The Alpha, Omega, first and last,
And King of Kings forever more!

Kate Plourde
October 24, 2007

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  1. Sis Kate, I was going through my blog links to make sure they were all active (one link hasn’t had a post since June or July) and worked. I know many people will stop checking out links if they don’t work properly or are never changed/updated.

    I can’t remember if I read this poem before or not, but it certainly was a blessing to read it today!

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