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Did I meet the Master at the break of day?
Did I stop to listen, as I took the time to pray?
Did I glean a single word, from His Blessed Word?
Did I walk away as if nothing had occurred?

Yes, I met the Master at the break of day!
I listened as He spoke to me, when I knelt to pray.
His words like morning dew, refreshed my very soul.
I walked away uplifted from my morning stroll!

© Kate Plourde
September 6, 2010


  1. Kat, your poem was just beautiful…what a gift our Lord has given you to express your love and devotion to HIM. Amen & Amen!

  2. It amazes me how I couldn’t even write a poem before I got saved 😆 Praise the Lord! I absolutely LOVE writing about Him and what He has done for me!

  3. Kate – this is a great reminder poem. Do you mind if I post it (scheduled 9/21) at KJV Devos?

  4. Sure, go right ahead 🙂

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