My heart is drawn before the tree
Where You hung to pay the price
Without a word you took my place
A remarkable sacrifice

My heart breaks when I meditate
On the suffering You went through
I can’t believe Your willingness
For those who didn’t know You

Knowing what waited when You came
The path You would take was clear
Yet You came despite the suffering
Drawing me to Your heart so dear

You did all this, it was Your plan
Compassion and love so great
Nothing I’ve done to earn this love
Coming regardless, your fate

It’s finished, such amazing words
I don’t have to pay the price
Paid in full, oh Saviour Divine
Your own blood, the sacrifice

My Redeemer, You sit beside
The Father on the glorious Throne
I long to see You face to face
And thank You for what You’ve done

Kate Plourde, April 12, 2006

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