Come and eat, my Mother would call me
Those words still ring in my ears
Every time when I think back on my life
Her words just bring me to tears

How I did cherish every moment
As Mom and I went on our way
Going shopping together and talking
Her comforting words dearly stay

She taught me to care for my family
Inserting love with each task of the day
How to lovingly care for each detail
And be there for them on their way

Those days I’d rest my head on her lap
I can still smell her fragrance like flowers
She would rub my back with such patience
Never complaining it had been for hours

As I call out my door, Come and eat!
To children of my very own
I will never forget my dear Mother
Who’s now in her Heavenly Home.

I encourage you ladies whose mothers
Are still with you today as you meet
Cherish each moment spent together
And treasure those words, Come and eat!

Given to me by the Lord
Kate Plourde

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