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101_1380It saddens me that people would rather follow a certain “religion” than to research for themselves to find the truth.

God has given us the truth through the Holy Bible. When Jesus was praying to His Heavenly Father, He said:

~John 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

It is up to us to read and study the Word of God so we can think for ourselves and make up our own minds – not rely on someone else to direct us. Your parents probably quoted you the old saying:

If your friends jump off a bridge, will you jump too?

It’s the same concept. Men boast of much knowledge. However, God says to study the Bible so you can approved by Him, not man.

~2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I would rather be wrong on this issue and have spent hours in the Bible because what have I lost?  I don’t want to be so pig headed that I have not studied it out for myself only to find out when it’s too late that I was wrong.

The bottom line is this:  What will we say when we stand before God? Will we give the excuse that we left the “spiritual” matters of life to our minister or priest? The Apostle Paul said in the above verse that we are to study for ourselves so we can be approved unto God.

What will your answer be when God asks you why you didn’t?

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  1. Psalm 119:140
    “Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.”

    Thank You LORD for preserving Thy Word down through the generations. Thank You for showing us truth and delivering us from the grip of false religion!!

  2. Many do not believe that God’s Word is actually with us today. They do not believe that it has been preserved throughout the ages. To believe this puts limitations on God. It is to say that He is not able to preserve His Word. But God is not man – He is able to keep His Word throughout the centuries. Just because man does not believe it does not make it so. Thanks for visiting, Vicky!

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