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There’s Someone who wants to be closer to you
A Friend who can fill every void
He’s never too busy to listen or care
Neither will you make Him annoyed!

Call on Him, no time is He ever asleep
You can be sure He’s always there
He’ll not ignore you or reject what you say
His love is unique and so rare.

A Saviour you say, but just Who could this be?
Our God, sent to earth as a man
Jesus stepped down from His Glorious Place
To be offered, a Passover Lamb

Our sins He has taken upon His own Self
So we can gain entrance to Heav’n
To repent and believe is all we need do
For Christ made the payment for sin!

Why would He do this you must ask to yourself?
Why would He give His life for me?
The Creator unselfishly gave Himself
Receive Him so we may be free!

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be changed
New life bringing glory to Him
Give Him praises and thanks for all He has done
He freed us from all of our sin!

A new life with a sweet aroma of works
We’re a light which never should dim
Be faithful and pure in your actions and deeds
So that souls may be won just Him!

Kate Plourde
Summer 1981

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  1. Kate, thanks for sharing this poem, and giving us a glimpse of your faith shortly after you got saved. Truly a life-transforming moment!

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