Oh God! I beg You, please no more hurdles today!
Dear Lord I beg you don’t send another one my way.
I don’t think I can take it and I’m reaching my end.
Please Lord, draw near to me as I really need a friend!

I ask what kind of a friend would allow such a thing?
My life has no purpose, there is no song left to sing.
I can’t be a blessing to others feeling this way.
My body is so broken, it feels useless and frail.

Dear Child, please realize I know how much pain you now feel.
I have allowed it so you can bless others in need.
There are many who suffer and have no one to share.
Till they meet you and see that your friendship is rare.

Be patient for I know all that is now and will be.
Your life truly brings praise, honor and glory to Me.
Each time that you encourage your family or friends,
You bring tears to My eyes in the most special of ways.

The pain you experience keeps you humble and meek.
Do not forget it is My Face for which you must seek.
My Kingdom is soon coming with no hurdles to war.
You’ll be in My Presence always where pain is no more!

Kate Plourde  ©1983

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