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Their heart is fat as grease, but I delight in Jesus. Today’s verse reminds me of someone who delights in the “fat” of money, material excess, etc. What the heart desires, this person succumbs to it and does not deprive it of any worldly thing. However, David says that he delights in the Lord! David had wealth as a King and was able to get anything he wanted. But in today’s verse, we see that the Lord was his delight.

Where does that leave me? Let’s ask ourselves a few questions: Where does my heart delight? In what does my heart delight? What do I put before my love for the Lord? Where do the things of God appear in my daily calendar? Is He the last thing I turn to, if at all? These are all pretty poignant and soul searching questions but ones we should ask ourselves when doing our moral inventory.

When our eyes focus on giving our flesh all of its desires, our eyes are certainly not on the Lord. When our eyes are on the Lord, those worldly desires fall by the wayside and are no longer a priority.

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