Remove from me the way of lying: and grant me Jesus graciously! What a beautiful exhortation.

Removing all types of deception/lies from our lives is a start to coming closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Deception comes in different forms like sin, error, idolatry, self righteousness, hypocrisy. These are all types of lies.

There is much error in this world. It has gotten to the point where good is called evil and evil is called good! Abortion is one good example. Idolatry is another lie – we put things in our lives before the Lord. Deceiving ourselves when we think we are better than others (self righteousness) is also sin and a form of a lie. No one is good but God.

The closer we get to the Lord Jesus through reading His word, the more we will see those lies as they truly are. We need to confess them and forsake them. The Holy Spirit guides us through the word of God and inspires our spirit to do what is right. It is our willful and sinful nature that goes against His direction. As we grow in the Lord, we should hate sin more and love Him more! The Psalmist didn’t ask the Lord to remove him from the way of lying – he asked the Lord to remove from him the way of lying. Big difference amen?

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