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As I explained in my first post on this new devotional, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law … He is the word of God. His word, His testimonies, His ways are perfect.

As we read verse 2, we can substitute the word “his testimonies” with “Jesus” and the result is: Blessed are they that keep Jesus, and that seek him with the whole heart.

God’s precious Son died for our sins so that we could have an intimate relationship with God, just as Adam and Eve had in the Garden. That relationship was restored through Jesus’ shed blood on the cross. Jesus keeps our relationship because of His work on the cross, not because of anything we do. All God wants is obedience to His word – His Son. As we seek Jesus with our whole heart, we find salvation! How blessed we are to be able to have this! Praise God!

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  1. Ma Kat, this new devotional in Psalm 119 is a blessing to my heart!

    God Bless precious sister.

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