Five days have gone by since that dreadful night and John has already passed the swallow test! This means he can start on solid food tomorrow! How excited we all were for him! \o/ Thank You Lord for yet another blessing! Help me to never forget these little milestones in John’s life because remembering them helps my heart and mind to stay focused on You! The MRSA cultures keep coming back negative which means John no longer has it in his system.  He will still have to continue having the infusions of Vancomycin for another few weeks just to be sure, but I’m certain the God of all creation has this under control as well.

Today, April 19th, I arrived at the hospital to find John sitting up in a chair! \o/ Lord, really? How wonderful is that??!! You are so wonderful! Progress is coming along in an accelerated pace now.  More physical therapy is expected today and we were also informed that the feeding tube would be removed. They are also talking about putting in a PICC line for the Vancomycin so he can go home. Lord, I have to admit that I’m nervous about his coming home. I feel quite inadequate in my ability to care for him. I’m sure You will provide the grace needed to do this. John still has health issues and I truly believe he needs a nurse. Please work out these details as You have done so far.

Later in the morning, I had this discussion with the doctor about my concerns and he said that John would definitely have to go to a rehab center. Thank You, Lord, for such a quick answer to my prayers! After lunch, the feeding tube came out and John was downgraded to the regular neurological floor. Can you believe that? I asked family and friends to bring these needs before the Throne of Grace – that Lake Manassas Rehabilitation Center would have an available bed. The rehab centers within our vicinity are sub par and their ratings are horrible. As a caregiver, do your homework and research the rehab facilities in your area. Read the reviews and make sure you have all the facts. I prayed the Lord would do as He did the first time and provide a bed at Lake Manassas.

Wonderful news followed the next day! The endoscopy showed that the ulcers in John’s esophagus and stomach were not Crohn’s. They are due to all the medications he has been taking so they will be treating him with stronger antacids. More good news – the C4 an C5 vertebrae will not need surgery, praise God!!! Lord I cannot contain myself! The blessings just keep on flowing and my heart is overwhelmed by Your goodness! The MRSA culture has been negative so it has been completely eradicated! The doctors are all in agreement with me that John will need to go to rehab. Praise the Lord!

As always, with encouraging news, sometimes follows with bad news.  We found out that Lake Manassas Rehab didn’t have a bed available for John but they planned to have one in a few days. The hospital would not keep John in the hospital due to Medicare restrictions so he would have take whatever bed was available. John was moved to another facility later that night. He arrived there on Tuesday in the early morning hours. He called me and said that this place was simply awful.  I went to see him after work and he wasn’t kidding! It was more of a nursing home and very depressing. Lord, I don’t understand why You are allowing this to happen but I know that I trust in Your care and You will provide what is best for John.

That very minute, I started working very hard to get him moved to Lake Manassas Rehab as soon as possible.  The social worker was a tremendous help and John only had to spend three and a half days at this facility.  He was moved on Friday afternoon to Lake Manassas Rehab and we were so very thankful to the Lord for His Hand of mercy!! Now all our hearts rested knowing that the care John would receive would be the best possible. The Lord had once again worked out the details and the glory was all His!

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