Although John was out of danger, he still was not allowed to eat solid foods.  Because the bowel obstruction caused him to aspirate fecal matter, doctors were being very cautious as to what he would be allowed to eat. When one aspirates like this, the throat muscles are weakened and swallowing without choking becomes a real issue.  I wondered why the Lord allowed all of this to happen in our lives. I didn’t understand what possible good could come out of all of this but I trusted in Him to reveal it in His time. Isaiah 55:8-9 was my strength!  Yes, Lord, I absolutely do understand this verse and I trust Your words explicitly! I know that You have plans and they don’t just involve John. You have always managed to bless many of Your children with just one action. I’ve always said you were economical – I trust in Your care, Father. Thank You, Lord, for all that You’ve done for John as well as me. You have blessed, You have comforted me when I was fearful, You have provided strength when strength was needed. You are such a Good Father! Thank You for Your precious Son whose life was given so we could be called Your children! I love being Your child, Father. I love being able to turn to You to share my dreams, joys, fears and needs.

Two days after John’s fight with death, the doctors were allowing him to eat ice chips and he was loving that!! Thank You, Lord!  \o/ Can you imagine a robust man who loves meat and potatoes not eating anything solid??? I can appreciate the fact that he was excited about eating those ice chips, LOL!  My husband has been through so many surgeries and physical mishaps throughout his life. His life’s story began when he came out kicking and screaming at birth. He was born eight weeks premature weighing a couple of pounds back in 1951. For a baby to survive eight weeks premature in those days was very unusual.  The nearest hospital had only one incubator and it was already in use. The doctor instructed his parents to place him in a shoe box lined with cotton batting and put him into a warm oven until the incubator was available. The story has it that he was in his mother’s oven for three days! Although he had a rough start in life, John has only had some minor physical challenges. He became a police officer and was fairly healthy and strong throughout his life. However, when he did have physical issues (mostly hernias, diabetes, etc.), he became the exception to every rule in the medical procedures along the way. Apparently, this journey would prove no different. If I listed all the injuries and surgeries he has had up till now, it would be mind boggling. But I praise God every day for my husband and the fact that He has allowed John to continue on as long as he has.

A week later, April 21st, Resurrection Sunday came upon us and it was truly an miracle that John was alive! Friends and family was rejoicing and could not believe that he had pulled through. But I believed it … I knew my Father showed His hand throughout and He didn’t miss a beat! I can’t thank Him enough for all that He has done for us! Despite all the major events since May 2018 and the day-to-day hardships since then, John only survived by the grace of God. Resurrection Sunday symbolizes Christ’s resurrection and the new life that He provided those who accept Him as Saviour through His death.  John was given another opportunity to live this side of Heaven and we were all rejoicing in the Lord! This was one of the best days of my life!

Today, John was finally taken off fentanyl and oxycodone for pain management and this act allowed him to be more alert. It was wonderful to be able to carry a conversation with my best friend and soulmate once again. He had no idea what had been happening to him since April 7th and that’s probably a good thing! He remembered what happened prior to that date and the struggles he went through since last May but the past ten days were a blur! Although he was more alert, he was still a bit disoriented.  He actually thought he was at a construction site because of all the equipment surrounding him, LOL! This allowed me a wonderful opportunity to tease him 😉 It had been 11 long months since our journey began and to be able to joke around with John was a blessing … it brought joy and encouragement to my heart! 

At this point, the good news just kept on coming.  How awesome You are, Lord! You cause my heart to burst with joy each morning; your mercies are new every day! Thank You! Each day brought positive news. To a caregiver, the good news is something that is cherished and appreciated! Too many days bring bad news so it’s very refreshing to hear a blessing and being able to share that blessing with family and friends! I’m sure they were growing weary of the bad news.

Today, the physical therapist began working with John and it how encouraging it was to see him out of bed!  My word, he was actually standing upright! 🙂 He’d been laying down for ten straight days and we know that is never good! His muscles atrophied and he was walking like a little old man. However, his neck was a bit better, which was a great sign… yet another blessing! Lord, You’re just showing off now, LOL! The power and blessings coming forth from Your hands are miraculous! Doctors wanted the most recent CT scan to be read by the neurosurgeon on John’s team in order to get a thorough diagnosis. Although John appeared to be doing better, they were still concerned about his throat muscles. They performed a daily swallow test which determined the possibility of aspirating.  April 19th was to be the day that John would start solid foods. What an answer to prayer and blessing from the Lord! You know, friend, God watches out for even the tiniest of details: details you and I would not even be aware of, but yet He is and He carefully handles each and every one of them. The Lord is like a masterful conductor who guides his musicians through a beautiful symphony. He uses all the instruments to bring music to our ears. So is the Lord – He conducts those who are needed to work on our behalf so that He can be glorified. Glory was brought to our Lord and Saviour through all of this! I never ceased to give Him the glory because it is His to have.

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