Continuing on from the last post, the ICU staff finally stabilized his blood pressure and heart rate.  They pumped out a full two liters of fluid from his bowels. Unfortunately, they were unable to  give him the contrast for the CAT scan until that procedure was done.  Finally, around 9:15 p.m. they were able to do so.  His blood count was very low for some unknown reason so he would, once again, need a blood transfusion. I thought to myself, how many times will blood transfusions be needed? Oh Lord, how long will this continue before we have an answer?”  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reached out to the Creator of Heaven with my pleas and requests! Won’t You get tired of hearing from me, Lord?  How thankful I am that He is ever vigilant, willing to spend time with me to hear all my requests!  What a wonderful and faithful Heavenly Father who is mindful of all my needs!  \O/  \O/

To make matters worse, a tornado warning was announced and Bethany was home alone with the kids. We were praying that God would take care of them while Adam could not be with them. I’m sure his heart was torn between being with his family and his father. It was like this all night. Test results were coming back and the doctors would tell us a little more information. The end result was always the same –  more testing would be required to help the medical team  figure out exactly what was going on.  Aaron and Tori arrived shortly thereafter, bless their hearts. They had been on the road for five hours! I imagined how difficult a conversation they were having on this long drive back, hoping they would get to the hospital in time.  What was going through their minds? How helpless they must have felt having no family, at that moment, to be alongside them. It’s difficult to drive when you’re under stress like that. But thank God, Adam kept texting Aaron and Tori with updates the whole time so they at least were kept in the loop! Technology is so wonderful – back in the day before cell phones, you would not have been able to have any information on your loved one until you arrived at the hospital.  

What a blessed mother I am indeed!  My sons are my earthly rocks and the Lord used them in a mighty way during this trial!!  

Once Aaron and Tori arrived, they were able to see John but, of course, he was not awake to be even aware of their presence. Aaron is my contemplative and inward son. Once he saw his father, he was very quiet. My heart ached because he needed to talk about the possibility of his father dying …  in fact, we all did. I asked our friends to go ahead and go home as it appeared that it would be a long night and the boys and I needed to talk as a family. Matt, one of Adam’s dear friends stayed to give us all support – he is one of those who is my son from another mother 🙂 Once everyone was gone, I began to discuss the possibilities of losing John with them. 

Everyone listened and we were all on the same page. It was then that we began to share memories, not only of John but of the times in their lives that made us laugh so hard, it brought us to tears. This “healing” was exactly what was needed at that very moment. I saw Aaron come out of his shell and able to deal with what was at hand. The Lord is so Good and He knew exactly what was needed to bless my sons. I thank Him for His merciful hand in every area, big or small! 

As the night disappeared and the wee hours of the morning creeped in, we were all praying for someone to come through those doors to tell us the waiting was over but that never happened. I convinced myself that as each minute ticked away, it was a step closer to John pulling through! The old saying, “No news is good news” was certainly true here. We all took turns going into John’s room to check on him and caress him to let him know we were near. He told me later that he had no clue what was going on. He didn’t hear voices or feel our presence at all but touching and stroking his arm and face was definitely therapeutic for us! We felt that at least if there wasn’t any change, it meant he wasn’t getting any worse. That’s something, right? And even if John did not pull through, what awaited him would be glorious! Could it be that he would see the Lord of glory this night and gaze upon the streets of gold and all of heaven’s beauty?  

At 2:30 a.m., the CAT scan results came back and the doctor came in to discuss it with us. They were dealing with a serious bowel obstruction and were doing all they could to stop it. The longer the obstruction, there may be an increasing possibility of tissue death. Tissue death can result in a tear (perforation) in the intestinal wall, which can lead to infection. It can also cut off the blood supply to part of the intestine. He shared that at this point, John was not doing worse. For us, it was a waiting game and we had to trust the Lord for the outcome. Lord, once again, we are placing John in the palm of Your hands! Please give us peace! A calm came over me at this point. The doctor encouraged us to go home since there were no new developments. The family decided that there was nothing we could do to help John so we headed home to get a few hours of rest before returning back to the hospital

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