John had been home ten days and I had just finished my first week at my new job.  I came home from work that Friday, March 8th, and John was urinating blood like crazy! I took him to the emergency room and the doctor decided to take him off the blood thinner (Xeralto) for two days. He suggested that John  follow up with a urologist. His appointment was not until the 20th – I prayed that he would be OK till then. Here he was losing blood yet again. I was devastated. Oh Lord, what is happening now?

Six days later, after only four days back on Xeralto, John called me at work to inform me that the bleeding had started up again but now he couldn’t even urinate at all.  This blood thinner was once again the culprit which was causing this ongoing issue. I left work to meet up with John at the hospital in Culpeper.  Our son Adam was also meeting me there but arrived at the emergency room before I did and said that the doctor had already ordered some testing to be done.  

An ultrasound was performed and the results showed no backup to kidneys, thank the Lord, but John definitely had a full bladder. They put in a catheter that dislodged some major clots that had accumulated at the bottom of his bladder.  They were to leave the catheter in until he would see the urologist on the 20th. They also put him on antibiotics. This poor man! Here was yet another physical trial that he would have to endure. Do you remember when I said this whole year had been a series of dominos tipping over?  Well, here was another one! I must admit at this point, I was getting a bit anxious! I truly needed to walk closely by the Lord’s side in order to keep my mind and heart from getting too discouraged.

On March 20th, my daughter-in-law took John to the urologist and she said that he hadn’t been on antibiotics long enough for the catheter to come out.  He would have to endure wearing this Foley catheter for another week. The doctor said she would prescribe another blood thinning medication the 9th of April  because she wanted to see how this one would work.  The doctor scheduled a cystoscopy for the following Thursday and put him on a different blood thinner. The day before he was due to have the cystoscopy, he began bleeding again.

The cystoscopy was performed and the results showed little bumps in the bladder but she couldn’t see anything else due to the quantity of blood that had pooled at the bottom of the bladder causing some clotting. She would have to do another cystoscopy once this cleared up. A strange thing happened at this point. The urologist told John that he had MRSA infection in his urine and that she would put him on a very strong antibiotic. However, John was not clear headed enough to hear “MRSA” and told our daughter-in-law that he just had a bladder infection. We absolutely had no idea he was dealing with such a serious infection. At this point, the doctor said she was now going to recommend to John’s primary care physician that he stop all blood thinners.  This was good news to us! Also, his physical therapist said he shouldn’t do any type of PT while he still had a catheter in. Sadly, this caused him to lose momentum as well as weight. I didn’t know that MRSA was causing fatigue. All I saw was that John was not helping himself anymore. He was too sick to do so, but I had no idea the reason behind it.

Day 24 – What is MRSA?

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