Today we met with the surgeon and discussed the continuing issues John was experiencing. He still couldn’t sit on his bottom. Come to find out, he had three stitches which just would not heal because of the ongoing problem with bleeding and mucous. The surgeon cauterized these areas and that would prove to be very helpful. He told John he could now begin to sit but had to use a cushion. Oh happy day!!!  

Afterwards, we met with the GI Nutritionist and she said that he needed to take in more calories. She threatened John with a feeding tube if he didn’t take a more active role in gaining weight. She recommended some high protein snacks to help the healing process. Peanut butter crackers with additional peanut butter on top three times a day was the snack of choice.  It didn’t take long to see positive results! 🙂 Protein is very important in the healing process and he needed plenty of it. My word, I’ve learned so much about the body and what it needs to be healthy! I’m sorry that I had to learn about it in this way.

Here we were, February 19th and he was just beginning the more aggressive PT now that he could sit down. They said he was further along than they expected. His OT was to end this week, so the therapist planned to inspect our home to make sure that it was safe for John. His anticipated release date from rehab was to be February 27th. Oh how we were looking forward to having him come home! At this point, he no longer needed a walker and could now walk on his own! We took a few “day trips” to ease John into being away from rehab. I took him to a couple of his favorite restaurants and he thoroughly enjoyed being away from the facility.  It was wonderful being with him in this setting!

Doctors’ appointments continued even though he was in rehab. We met with the hematologist and discovered that due to all the blood loss John’s iron levels were extremely low. Ion pills wouldn’t be of much help. He would have to undergo iron infusions, a procedure in which iron is delivered to the body intravenously in order to boost levels. The treatments would be scheduled, upon his release from rehab, with the oncology department at Culpeper Hospital. 

Knowing that he was going to be discharged from the rehabilitation center in about a week, I started job hunting.  It had been three months without my income so now that he would be coming home, we felt it was time to look. But, God was already at work!!  I emailed a former supervisor and she mentioned that a friend of hers, an Accountant, was looking for an admin. I interviewed with her on February 23rd and was hired on the spot – I would begin on March 4th! How quickly the Lord provided!  I was so anxious to tell John about it. When I arrived at rehab, I discovered that he had gained a few pounds and was up to 132.2!! I also noticed that the skin that used to hang below his biceps was beginning to fill in with muscle mass. Oh, the joy that filled my heart!!  Day by day, he was recouping some of the strength and stamina he had lost!

By the time February 27th came along, John was up to 138.7.  Those peanut butter crackers were doing the trick 🙂 Finally, we were going home….Praise the Lord!!! John was so happy to resume his normal routine.  He was not back 100% physically … that would take some time. In fact, the doctor said it could take up to a year to recover his full strength. Wow! It’s amazing how the body works! I thought we were now coming to the end of this trial…but, as they say, ignorance is bliss.

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