Life continued on the outside of those walls at the rehab center.  I still had so much on my plate that needed to get done. But the Lord, once again, knew our needs and faithfully provided for each one. With neither of us working at this point, we had John’s retirement and small Social Security check. This took care of the bare essentials but would not cover expenses that we knew were coming. My sons set up a GoFundMe page and people gave generously! My heart was full and John and I were so grateful for their kindness! This money was set aside to be used only for medical expenses!  What a blessing this was from the Lord! 

To top it off, God made sure that we would have a little extra to spare.  We received some really good news! John was receiving a small short term disability check since he was unable to work as a school bus driver.  That was coming to an end this month. The good news was that he had been approved to receive long term disability! That little check would continue for another eighteen months. What a blessing and answer to prayer!  My spirit was encouraged so much by these incidences! The Lord works continuously in the background, even when we don’t realize it at all! 

This particular day mid February day, I noticed that John was weaker. The daily labs showed that his blood count was down again and he would need another blood transfusion. ***sigh***  It seems that his body just can’t get a handle on this particular issue. When will he stop needing these transfusions, I wondered? His bottom was still oozing small amounts of blood mixed with mucous.  He had been through so much radiation and drugs, it was hard to say what contributed to these setbacks. One thing I have learned is that God always provides a calm in the midst of a storm, if you are looking for it. Even the worst of storms (hurricanes and tornados) have an “eye” where it is calm! The Lord blessed me in the storms of this battle with a peaceful calm! So this storm was no different: the blood transfusion worked yet again and John began picking up energy. The color came back to his cheeks and he was now using a walker without assistance! What a blessing to see him up and about!

The rehab facility provided neighborhood dining where the residents gather together to eat in a group/family setting. Seeing each other three times a day provides familiarity and a sense of community spirit. Unfortunately, John still could not sit on his bottom so he was unable to take advantage of this for some time. He would eat in his room and I pretty much was the only one he associated with, except for staff. It was most unfortunate because the dining room was beautifully arranged and could be used between meals to play games or sit and watch television. The entrance to the facility was just beautiful. The common areas were elegantly furnished with what appeared to be fresh flowers everywhere. Come to find out later, they were not fresh flowers at all but they made for a beautiful environment for the residents. The facility also provided large glass dispensers both in their dining rooms and the lobby that provided iced tea, infused water, some with lemons and others with mint and cucumbers. What a nice touch! These different places gave the people a place to “hang out” instead of staying in their rooms when they’re not going through therapy! It encouraged camaraderie.

Do you realize how comforting these small details were to this caregiver??? I knew that my beloved husband had some “touches” that meant so much! The fact that my husband was being so well cared for by a compassionate staff in a facility that was well maintained, lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders. I felt comfortable going home at night knowing that he was safe and secure in the Lord’s very capable Hands! 

Psalm 86:12-31a I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.  For great is thy mercy toward me…”

It was wonderful having him out of the hospital after a month! The rehab center provided a home away from home. I was so very thankful that my Heavenly Father had worked out all the details. He knew that I would not sleep well knowing that John was in a place where staff didn’t care. There are so many of these facilities around here and I could not have borne the heartache of knowing he was in one of those places. 

Day 22 – Caregiver’s Emotions Need Tending Too

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