Each day had its blessings and each day had its challenges. This is why the caregiver needs to be prepared, both physically and spiritually! You don’t know what the day has in store but the Lord does. God tells us so in Matthew 6:8. He can and will give you exactly what you need to move forward.  

Just six days after surgery, to my surprise and dismay, there was talk about sending John home or to a rehabilitation facility! This disturbed me so much! I didn’t feel as though he was ready.  John wanted to go home and would not hear of going to rehab at all. As far as he was concerned, it was not open for discussion. At this point in time, there was no way I could meet all of his needs as a caregiver at home! I became very anxious and had to turn to the One who could work out all these details. As I said in the last devotional, God is most certainly in every detail if we allow Him to be. I prayed and the Lord worked through my family and friends to help me convince John that going to rehab was the best thing for him. 

As it turned out, none of the rehab facilities had vacancies. Thank You, Lord!!!  Furthermore, the doctors were not yet ready to release him.  Just because the physical therapists and occupational therapists said he was doing great and was ready to leave, the surgical and gastroenterology teams were not ready to release him. Several steps had to happen before he could move on to rehab. They had issues with his blood clot still being too big so the IVC filter could not be removed at this time.  They were giving John a Heparin drip (blood thinner) but unfortunately, it caused so much bleeding from his bottom that they had to administer another blood transfusion.

On January 24th, I arrived at the hospital to find John throwing up. They had to give him two more units of blood the night before due to all the bleeding so they stopped the Heparin drip altogether. I felt as though he was taking two steps backwards. I felt a heaviness in my heart.  As the nurses worked to clean him up, I went to the family room to pray. The room was empty and I took the opportunity to open my Bible to read. That room was not usually empty but the Lord allowed me to have peace and quiet so He could encourage me and give me what I needed to keep pressing forward.

The surgeon came in to talk with me and he did not seem concerned at all.  He explained that John had a bowel obstruction. It wasn’t due to anything John did or didn’t do. Bowel obstructions occur because the intestines are “complaining” at being disturbed. After all, they had to remove the large intestine which in turn, disrupts the small intestines as well.  These issues do occur and, unfortunately, this was another hurdle John would have to get through. The doctor said it would take a few days for him to get  back to normal. The Lord was faithful! He reassured and comforted my heart through the surgeon’s words. 

GOD had everything under control … again … as usual!

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