One thing I have learned through this trial is that we cannot depend on doctors and drugs to heal our bodies.  Yes, medications are used to help the healing process, however, it is the Lord who has control of our lives. His hand is in all the details!  We matter to God – He loves us so much that He died for us! 

Despite what happened around me, I needed to remember that God provides everything we need to be comforted. His word was there every step of the way.  There was not a day that I missed reading my Bible. And, there was not a day that went by where God didn’t provide solace and peace for my heart. He not only used His word but He also used my family and dearest friends to support me through some very difficult days. 

Not only does the caregiver need physical rest and nourishment, but the caregiver also needs spiritual rest and nourishment. She needs to keep her heart and mind fixed daily on God’s word in order to refresh the spirit within! The Bible is the living word of God and it provides the born again believer strength and grace in the midst of the storms of life.   

The day after John’s surgery, January 16, 2019, Celebrex was administered for pain and inflammation. It wasn’t long before we watched as he was scratching his neck and face. We noticed that he was breaking out in huge hives!  The ICU nurse administered Benadryl and the hives began to disappear. Oh how delicate our bodies are, amen? Not everyone reacts the same to medications. We came to the full realization that John was not your “typical” patient. The Crohn’s treatments were not beneficial to him at all, and neither was this.

John’s hemoglobin count was again down and he needed another blood transfusion. We have learned through this experience how important healthy blood is to the human body. The Bible tells us in Lev. 17:11  that “life of the flesh is in the blood.”  Whenever John got a transfusion, his cheeks would once again become nice and pink and his strength resumed. This day, he was doing so well that they moved him to the Progressive Care Unit. He had only been in ICU one day! I was rejoicing and praising the Lord that his body was responding well after the ileostomy! The ostomy was having healthy output and that also brought great comfort – it meant the “piping” was working 🙂   He had three little drains (shaped like clear plastic balls) that drained the abdominal fluids and blood from the surgery. Those drains came out this day as well, which was yet another praise! When the ileostomy was performed, they also had to remove John’s rectum and anus. The opening was sewn closed but, post surgery, there was still some mucus discharge. Adding to this dilemma, John was on blood thinners which caused bleeding, and needless to say, his bottom was still quite raw.  He was told that he would not be able to be in a sitting position for two to three weeks. For John, this would be a long three weeks. Have you ever tried not to sit directly on your bottom? It’s no easy task.

This day also began his physical therapy!  Just one day after surgery, he was made to move about in order to stimulate his small intestine. He still had a catheter, which made walking cumbersome, but he managed! They were now administering oxycodone for the pain, which helped tremendously.  He was also eating soft solid foods without throwing it back up. This was also a very good sign that the piping was working from the mouth all the way to the output! Thanks be to God! There are so many tiny details and the Lord was in all of them!


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