Please take a seat with me and rest from the day’s cares. Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

My latest project is a devotional from a caregiver’s perspective called “A Caregiver’s Journey.” As you will see, my husband has Crohn’s Disease. The internet contains a lot of information about Crohn’s but there is very little for the caregiver’s spiritual needs.

If you have been blessed, please leave me a comment so I can pray for you and we can share in this journey together! Because WordPress posts the latest post at the top, I’ve done a daily list to make it easier to navigate. I hope this helps πŸ™‚ Just click on the day you want to read, and it will take you to it.

Day 1 – When Life Gives You Lemons
Day 2 – Not the Way to Lose Weight
Day 3 – on Autopilot to the Emergency Room
Day 4 – A Diagnosis or Not a Diagnosis … That is the Question
Day 5 – Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Day 6 – Living in the Emergency Room
Day 7 – Personality Changes and More
Day 8 – It’s a Roller Coaster Ride
Day 9 – Sometimes God Calms the Storm
Day 10 – Tears in a Bottle
Day 11 – Trying to be Thankful
Day 12 – Back on the Roller Coaster
Day 13 – Oh Lord, Please
Day 14 – Lord, Help!
Day 15 – Caring for the Caregiver
Day 16 – The Blessings Begin to Flow
Day 17 – Every Ray of Hope Was Followed by Challenges
Day 18 – How Skinny Can One Get?
Day 19 – The Road to Recovery
Day 20 – Finally, Different Walls to Look At
Day 21 – Yet Another Hurdle
Day 22 – Caregivers Emotions Need Tending Too
Day 23 – Onward and Upward
Day 24 – Now What?
Day 25 – What is MRSA?
Day 26 – MRSA, the Saga
Day 27 – Could This be the End?
Day 28 – We’ve Turned a Corner
Day 29 – Little by Little
Day 30 – Being Thankful
Day 31 – Life Goes on Regardless
Day 32 – Hallelujah! Victory at Last!
Day 33 – We’re Making Progress
Day 34 – Nearing the End?