Psalm 51.

   1  After thy loving-kindness, Lord,
         have mercy upon me:
      For thy compassions great, blot out
         all mine iniquity.

   2  Me cleanse from sin, and thoroughly wash
         from mine iniquity:
   3  For my transgressions I confess;
         my sin I ever see.

   4  'Gainst thee, thee only, have I sinned,
         in thy sight done this ill;
      That when thou speak'st thou may'st be just,
         and clear in judging still.

   5  Behold, I in iniquity
         was formed the womb within;
      My mother also me conceived
         in guiltiness and sin.

   6  Behold, thou in the inward parts
         with truth delighted art;
      And wisdom thou shalt make me know
         within the hidden part.

   7  Do thou with hyssop sprinkle me,
         I shall be cleansed so;
      Yea, wash thou me, and then I shall
         be whiter than the snow.

   8  Of gladness and of joyfulness
         make me to hear the voice;
      That so these very bones which thou
         hast broken may rejoice.

   9  All mine iniquities blot out,
         thy face hide from my sin.
  10  Create a clean heart, Lord, renew
         a right sp'rit me within.

  11  Cast me not from thy sight, nor take
         thy Holy Sp'rit away.
  12  Restore me thy salvation's joy;
         with thy free Sp'rit me stay.

  13  Then will I teach thy ways unto
         those that transgressors be;
      And those that sinners are shall then
         be turned unto thee.

  14  O God, of my salvation God,
         me from blood-guiltiness
      Set free; then shall my tongue aloud
         sing of thy righteousness.

  15  My closed lips, O Lord, by thee
         let them be opened;
      Then shall thy praises by my mouth
         abroad be published.

  16  For thou desir'st not sacrifice,
         else would I give it thee;
      Nor wilt thou with burnt-offering
         at all delighted be.

  17  A broken spirit is to God
         a pleasing sacrifice:
      A broken and a contrite heart,
         Lord, thou wilt not despise.

  18  Show kindness, and do good, O Lord,
         to Zion, thine own hill:
      The walls of thy Jerusalem
         build up of thy good will.

  19  Then righteous off'rings shall thee please,
         and off'rings burnt, which they
      With whole burnt-off'rings, and with calves,
         shall on thine altar lay.


     The Fundamental Top 500