Psalm 110 - Part One.

Christ exalted, and multitudes converted;
or, The success of the gospel.

1 Thus the eternal Father spake
To Christ the Son, "Ascend and sit
"At my right hand, till I shall make
"Thy foes submissive at thy feet,

2 "From Zion shall thy word proceed,
" Thy word, the sceptre in thy hand,
"Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed,
"And bow their wills to thy command.

3 "That day shall shew thy power is great,
"When saints shall flock with willing minds,
"And sinners crowd thy temple gate,
"Where holiness in beauty shines."

4 O blessed power! 0 glorious day!
What a large victory shall ensue!
And converts, who thy grace obey,
Exceed the drops of morning dew.

Psalm 110 - Part Two.

The kingdom and priesthood of Christ.

1 Thus the great Lord of earth and sea
Spake to his Son, and thus he swore;
"Eternal shall thy priesthood be,
"And change from hand to hand no more.

2 "Aaron and all his sons must die;
"But everlasting life is thine,
"To save for ever those that fly
"For refuge from the wrath divine.

3 "By me Melchisedek was made
"On earth a king and priest at once;
"And thou, my heavenly Priest, shalt plead,
"And thou, my King, shalt rule my sons."

4 Jesus the Priest ascends his throne,
While counsels of eternal peace,
Between the Father and the Son,
Proceed with honour and success.

5 Thro' the whole earth his reign shall spread,
And crush the powers that dare rebel;
Then shall he judge the rising dead,
And send the guilty world to hell.

6 Tho' while he treads his glorious way,
He drink the cup of tears and blood,
The sufferings of that dreadful day
Shall but advance him near to God.

Psalm 110.

Christ's kingdom and priesthood.

1 Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy throne,
And near the Father sit;
In Zion shall thy power be known,
And make thy foes submit.

2 What wonders shall thy gospel do!
Thy converts shall surpass
The numerous drops of morning dew,
And own thy sovereign grace.

3 God hath pronounc'd a firm decree,
Nor changes what he swore;
"Eternal shall thy priesthood be,
"When Aaron is no more.

4 "Melchisedek, that wondrous priest,
"That king of high degree,
"That holy man who Abr'am blest,
"Was but a type of thee."

5 Jesus our Priest for ever lives
To plead for us above;
Jesus our King for ever gives
The blessings of his love.

6 God shall exalt his glorious head,
And his high throne maintain,
Shall strike the powers and princes dead
Who dare oppose his reign.


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