Psalm 95.

A Psalm before prayer.

1 Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name,
And in his strength rejoice;
When his salvation is our theme,
Exalted be our voice.

2 With thanks approach his awful sight,
And psalms of honour sing;
The Lord's a God of boundless might,
The whole creation's King.

3 Let princes hear, let angels know,
How mean their natures seem,
Those gods on high, and gods below,
When once compar'd with him.

4 Earth, with its caverns dark and deep
Lies in his spacious hand,
He fix'd the seas what bounds to keep,
And where the hills must stand.

5 Come, and with humble souls adore,
Come, kneel before his face;
O may the creatures of his power
Be children of his grace!

6 Now is the time: he bends his ear,
And waits for your request;
Come, lest he rouse his wrath and swear,
"Ye shall not see my rest."

Psalm 95.

A Psalm before sermon.

1 Come, sound his praise abroad,
And hymns of glory sing;
Jehovah is the sovereign God,
The universal King.

2 He form'd the deeps unknown;
He gave the seas their bound;
The watery worlds are all his own,
And all the solid ground.

3 Come, worship at his throne,
Come, bow before the Lord:
We are his works and not our own;
He form'd us by his word.

4 Today attend his voice,
Nor dare provoke his rod;
Come, like the people of his choice,
And own your gracious God.

5 But if your ears refuse
The language of his grace,
And hearts grow hard, like stubborn Jews,
That unbelieving race;

6 The Lord in vengeance dressed,
Will lift his hand and swear,
"You that despise my promis'd rest,
Shall have no portion there."

Psalm 95.

Verses 1-3, 6-11. Canaan lost through unbelief;
or, A warning to delaying sinners.

1 Come, let our voices join to raise
A sacred song of solemn praise;
God is a sovereign King; rehearse
his honours in exalted verse.

2 Come, let our souls address the Lord,
Who fram'd our natures with his word;
He is our Shepherd; we the sheep
His mercy chose, his pastures keep.

3 Come, let us hear his voice today,
The counsels of his love obey;
Nor let our harden'd hearts renew
The sins and plagues that Israel knew.

4 Israel, that saw his works of grace,
Yet tempt their Maker to his face;
A faithless unbelieving brood
That tired the patience of their God.

5 Thus saith the Lord, "how false they prove;
Forget my power, abuse my love;
Since they despise my rest, I swear,
Their feet shall never enter there."

6 [Look back my soul, with holy dread,
And view those ancient rebels dead;
Attend the offer'd grace today,
Nor lose the blessing by delay.

7 Seize the kind promise while it waits,
And march to Zion's heavenly gates;
Believe, and take the promis'd rest;
Obey, and be for ever blest.]


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