Are You My Father?

A little boy was left one day,
On the streets of a big city town.
His mother left him on the steps of a church,
And his father could not be found.

The preacher having no children of his own,
Smiled at the young boys face.
He allowed him to work and live in the church.
The young boy soon found his place.

The boy would sit in the very front pew, 
On Sundays to hear the man teach. 
And on Wednesdays he was in the choir loft, 
as the church sang, and the pastor preached. 

Every time the two sat down. 
For a meal throughout the day. 
The boy asked a question that was on his heart, 
Before they bowed to pray. 

Looking so sincerely into the mans eyes, 
The boy's pain would begin to bother. 
Always the same question, "Sir", he'd ask, 
"Please tell me, are you my father?" 

The pastor's reply was the same sweet words, 
In love he had spoken many a time. 
"You are my angel that was sent by God, 
in my heart you will always be mine." 

The days passed by and the seasons changed,
And fall was followed by a winters chill.
The pastor was kneeled at the boy's footboard,
Praying for the boy was ill.

It was late one night when the boy passed on,
Without pain or even a moan.
There was a peaceful grin on his lovely face,
And the pastor knew he went home.

The boy found himself in the arms of a man,
His face so sweet and kind.
And as he sat on Jesus' knee,
One question was on his mind.

Jesus smiled down at him,
And said, "I know about your mother."
"Please ask me the question you have on your heart."
And the boy asked, "Are you my father?"

A smile consumed Jesus' entire face.
The boy's burden then lifted a ton.
Jesus said, "I am whatever you need."
"And yes, child, you are my son."

Copyright© Trisha Wood


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: 
and the government shall be upon His shoulder: 
and His (Jesus') name shall be called Wonderful, 
Counsellor, The mighty God, 
The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6



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