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If you use the SwordSearcher Bible Program, here are free modules you can download for use in it. If you do not have this program, please click on the link for Sword Searcher above.

To access these modules the first time: After downloading each module, open the Program Files Folder, look for SwordSearcher, then simply unzip each module in the Books folder. The next time you use this Bible program, the new books will be displayed in the lower left window of the program.

Note: You may need to use the Books menu at the top of the screen in your Sword Searcher Bible Program to access them the first time.


Refuge In The Storms Of Life
Poetry book by Jerry Bouey.

here for more information.

The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage

Poetry book by Jerry Bouey.Click

here for more information.
Updated February 10th/06


Alcohol in the Christian’s Life
Brother Thomas A. Stastny

I’ve Gone Home

Sheet music to poem by Jerry Bouey.
Poem viewable in web page format as well.

Home of The Real McCoy

Trenholms of Kelowna

Why Trouble the Master?

Sheet music to poem by Jerry Bouey.

Because of Jesus
Sheet music to poem by Jerry Bouey.

Making Your Own Culottes Pattern*

By just measurements, or by modifying an existing pattern.

Viewable in web page format as well.

La Sainte Bible – Version David Martin 1744

Accurate French translation from the Received Text

Click HERE for the Martin Bible online.


*If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Viewer for .pdf files,
please click below to download this program:

(This link takes you to a website outside of this one.)